Stage IV NED since Sept 2011


Hi Everyone,

I want to post encouragement for Stage IV patients. I had a scan yesterday and everything still looks like NED. I was diagnosed Stage IV on December 22, 2010 with a lung met (Merry Christmas). That was removed first by VATS, then 6 treatments of Folflox that was followed by 28 days chemo/radiation for the rectal tumor. I had a complete response to the radiation and LAR surgery in September 2011. Pathology came back clear; however, with the Stage IV diagnosis I completed 12 treatments of Folfori, ending in April 2012.

I don't post much anymore but frequenlty check in.  My best to all of you.  



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    That's great news. Thanks for

    That's great news. Thanks for checking in.

  • great to hear

    great to hear! thanks for sharing your good news! i wish you only the best!

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    Thank you for sharing- good

    Thank you for sharing- good news and hope are always welcome!  Congratulations and best wishes for many years NED!