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what is Varian6

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I have received my list of rad appts 18th Sep--29 Oct and it just states the dates followed by the word Varian6 is this a name for a certain radiation treatment. I don't get much info on my treatment, I will see my head of the team tomorrow to ask questions but usually I dont understand the answers unless I looked up on the net. I know its IMRT and with a tight mask and they marked me and the mask and it should be about 15 minutes of treatment each day, 5 days a week. I also don't know whether to get my yearly flu jab before treatment or after its due in the middle of the treatment when my immune system may be low. Since my op and losing a stone in weight I have regained nearly all the weight so if I lose some during treatment it shouldn't be too bad.  I'm eating and swallowing normally and eat regular meals, have saliva and full taste buds. It's a pity all this is going to be knocked out again with the rad.

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I'm sure the Varian6 refers to your machine they'll be using for rads...

I didn't get a flu shot upfront, actually that's kind of what led me to finding out I had cancer. I had a slight irritation in my throat, and didn't want to get a flu shy until it was healed..., little did I know at the time that it was throat cancer.

Anyways, I did get the flu shoy after treatment per my chemo MD's advice.

So I'd ask your MD's their opinion on getting one... actually anything you take meds, or vitamins and minerals, discuss with them first during treatment.

If you read the SuperThread, there are lists of items to take with you to make rads easier or more comfy...

Wear loose comfy clothes, take a cd or your favorite music, they usually have a player there. Music is a great reference of time.., and distracter, 4-5 songs and your done for the day...




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it appears that Varian6 is the name of the machine or the technology for your rads.... Laughing 

Because of timing for flu shots....in the fall....I'd ask your Dr.  I'm pretty sure it will be alright, since it doesn't appear you're getting chemo (and it may be alright during chemo, too).  I got mine last year not very long after treatment when my body was still recouping. 

You just keep eating JF.....even if you go over what you used to weigh.....chances are high you're going to lose it again, anyway.


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I see you've gotten some good info... My first thought was that it was a planet from Star Trek ;) 


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Hi Jackie,

Good that you got the weight back on before rads. I dropped about 10 pounds during chemo and got it all back and then some before rads where I lost about 30-35 pounds. When I felt good about my weight I allowed my weight to stablize at a new (old) comfortable weight having shed all the excess baggage; they don't pitch radiation as a weight loss program but it is as guaranteed as it gets. If you can just pig out and put as much on as you can. You WILL lose it all and plenty more.

"T" and I would just shout at each other - HYDRATE - NUTRTION - PAIN MANAGEMENT. Truely, that is all you need to focus on. All activites for the next xeveral months should be directed at these objectives. You will survive following this simple, single mantra.

Since the model 6 is in the current line up I will assume it is current technology. I was fortunate to have the latest and it is VERY fast. Usual time from contact with the platform to getting off was often 10 minutes or less as they scheduled rad appts at 15 minute intervals. Within a minute the facemask was on and body being aligned. In another minute or two, arms start moving and fine point alignment is going on. Then the big arms sweeps around in less than a minute one direction then one minute the other. Inside another minute or two and you are done. No pain, no muss, no fuss. 

You'll do great, especially since you are getting as knowledgeable beforehand, I was fortunate to be in the same position and it makes things go smoother.



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are the two choices. Not sure if there are any other brands of Linacs? At Kettering Medical Center they have 2 Elktras which is what I used. The interlock broke right before a treatment one day so they doubled up 8 hours apart on my next visit. 35 total, finished June 12th of last year. Mine took about 15 min from mask on to mask off. Pumped in my favorite music CDs.

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