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I'm back :)

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Hi, I'm back Smile I missed you all. Actually I am home for awhile now, but I had to catch up first on this board. I am deeply sorry for losses this board suffered. I am relatively new here, but it still made me so sad when I read that Chen and Linda passed away. Dear Linda and Chen, rest in peace!

The vacation was great, 5 weeks on Croatia beach, with a lot of swimming and walking (I am a runner, but I don't run now because of expander) and a lot of visits from our friends. I loved every minute of it. There were even moments when I almost forgot I have cancer. Well, not really, because that's not possible, but it was close Smile

I am waiting to be called from the hospital about my prophylactic mastectomy. I am not sure that will be before end of September, more probably in beginning of October. I can't wait to be over with it. Otherwise I think I am doing fine. I am really trying to make myself believe that I will be ok. Actually, I am for the first time since the diagnosis being able to visualize myself as getting old. I know that all of us must have similar fears.

Take care and stay well, Carmen

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Welcome back..


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Welcome back to the boards...and, love your positive attitude...Croatia Beach - Wow !!! I just googled it - what a beautiful place...lucky one... :)  It sounds like we are on the same course thru this...My doctor is thinking I'll be doing my implant before the holidays...I can't stand the expander - so uncomfortable!!!...


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When can a positive attitude not be a good thing.  Glad you had a good time away, now lets get that surgery done And dusted. Onwards and upwards.  Eventually you will run again, sure you miss it.

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Welcome back.  Glad you had a great trip.

Prayers for your upcoming surgery.


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Welcome back Carmen, I am glad you had a nice time.

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Happy to see you're back with us!  Your vacation sounded very relaxing.  Linda

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