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Life is beautiful.

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"There is no evidence of cancer within his body."


Kyle and I received the news today. I am still at a lost for words to express the feelings I am feeling right now.

God is great and life is beautiful. I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to have you all in our lives. 


Michelle and Kyle 


Bring on the stem cell transplant!!!

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Extremely happy for you both and all of your loved ones...

Lots of love...

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That is the best news!  You are both so special.  I think I can speak for a lot of us in saying that you feel like our kids.  We cried, worried and agonized with you.  Thank you for letting us celebrate now..........................WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am so glad to read that Kyle is NED!  Now...both of you...go live your life together!  Enjoy it to the fullest!


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Michelle and Kyle, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!! This is certainly fantastic news to hear this morning. Kyle will be just as successful with his SCT.

This should be an encouraging post for all of us and shows what happens with the right treatment plan and God's grace.

Congratulations to you both.

Love, prayers and (((hugs)))



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Wonderful news!!! I'll be thinking good positive thoughts for his SCT. Keep us posted, and celebrate your wonderful news!  Much love...Sue

(FNHL-2-3A-6/10-age 62) In remission

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Max Former Hodg...
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I share your delight. There is always cause for hope at this site, in the many stories.

What is perhaps hardest to understand is that Life is Beautiful and that God is great also when treatments do not work, when there is no further option in cancer, or in life.  The greatness of God is seen also in the lives of heroic souls like Beth, a writer here for many years.


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Thank you all so incredibly much! You all have truly lightened up this experience by your words of wisdom, hope, and unconditional faith. I am so happy and know that the SCT will be a complete success. We just need to get it over and done with. Smile


Love and hugs to you all,

Michelle and Kyle

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