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It's over.. cancer won

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Hello all,

I have not been on the site for some time, my husband first diagnosed with EC, Dec. 2011, died six weeks ago. It was quite the roller coaster ride, while he was always hopeful, even though he had stage iv, I always had my doubts...

I know he is at peace, no more appointments, no more chemo and no long stares by the health care practitioners..

Praying those who struggle will find their own way,

Best to the caregivers too... take care of yourselves.. we are often the forgotten bunch.

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I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I remember when you first came on the site when your husband was diagnosed. It has been a long journey and I know he was very thankful to have your love and support in all of those appointments, chemo treatments, and scans.

 With my deepest comdolances,

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

Grand Blanc, Michigan
DX 10/2009 T2N1M0  Stage IIB - Ivor Lewis Surgery  12/3/2009 - Post Surgery Chemotherapy 2/2009 – 6/2009
Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU - Three Year Survivor


Posts: 36
Joined: Apr 2013

Thank you to those who have taken the time to respond. I only wish you a peaceful journey, I am relieved I no longer have to wait and watch with my husband... wish he was still by my side... just not meant to be. :(

It will take some time to get use to the silence in the house. 

Stay positive and be good to yourselves.. there are no do overs in life.




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So very sorry to learn of your loss.  This journy is long and difficult.  May the peace your husband is in now give you comfort in your grief.

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss.  I'm glad your husband is at peace and I hope you were able to make some positive memories to carry with you.  You're right about the caregivers, too.  Although I believe I'm a delight to deal with, my wife might let slip a different story.


All the best to you,



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Hi, it's Heeran. I'm sorry to hear about the lost battle.  Yes you and I have been caregivers for about the same time.  I'm doing the nightshift at my mom's house for hospice as we speak.  It's hard to see them suffer off and on.  It's hard to see them lose the battle.  The gagging, the vomitting, the unconfortableness.  And yes, as caregivers, we go through the emotional pain right along w/ their journey.  My thoughts are w/ you and your family as you continue the grieving / healing process.  I'm right there w/ you.  We on this board as fighters and caregivers understand eachother when even the best of friends don't quite get it.  Take care.


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Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.   Caregiving is hard but we do it with love.


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I sent you a message in your in box..You are in my heart and thoughts..always

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I am at a loss for words. Nothing seems adequate so I will simply say my heart goes out to you

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My heart goes out to you, I'm so very sorry.  Hearing this kind of news is so upsetting, I can't imagine the pain you are going through. I can pretty much say my father has been Stage 4 since 2/2013 and here recently in the past 2 months I have seen a lot of lives lost.  Your husband and many other husbands that have passed were stories that I read often looking for hope. All of them showed such strength and courage. I actually signed up for therapy last week, which is strange to me because I don't have the cancer.  The 1st visit I just wept with fear of loosing dad, and she said that I will get to a place when the time comes that I will be alright knowing that he is no longer struggling, no more chemo, no more hell. I pray that I do. Thank you for sharing your journey and your strength, I hope that I can do the same.  Praying for you and and your family.

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He is out of pain. Bless the caregivers because without them our journey would be hard to travel.


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I recall seeing your posts when Nick and I were traveling the EC journey together.  I lost Nick 15 months ago.  Since then, I have found friendship and comfort in an EC widow's group on Facebook.  It is a secret group so you would have to be "invited" by one of the members.  If you would wish to speak with others that "get it" , please reply to this message.  I can add you to the group.

My prayers and sympathies are with you.  It's a lonely path.




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