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Blood pressure medications--what are you taking?

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As with most, my tumor was discovered by accident.   I was having a terrible cough thought due to lisinopril I had started about a month before.  Then a chest x-ray which showed a small pleural effusion, CT scan of the chest recommended by radiologist, and the discovery of my large tumor.  The day I was seen by my primary care provider (ARNP) 8/20 in New Hampshire, she stopped my blood pressure med and I was to record blood pressures 4 times a week.  They have slowly gone up, taken at rest.   A lot higher after exertion (even though I was only supposed to check it at rest).

My question is for those of you who have high blood pressure, what medication(s)  are you taking?  I know that some offer some protection for the kidneys.  Also diabetes runs on my father's side of the family so I am at high risk for that, too.

I will be meeting again with my ARNP on Tuesday and we will be discussing a new med, but I was just wondering what might have worked for you, other than an ACE inhibitor, though looking back maybe it didn't have anything to do with the cough at all.  I had been on ramipril for about 7 years with just a minor cough (occasional break through higher blood pressure) before being switched to lisinopril back in May (I think doctor in Florida did that because it is a cheaper drug).

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Hi I take 50mg of Losartan a day. I used to take Lisinopril but it caused me the cough and my gosh that drove me up a wall at night. So they changed me to losartin. I suffered with nausea the first week or so on it but after that it has been great for me. They keep my blood pressure really low. It was lower on lisinopril, but it is low enough to make the dr happy on losartin. My goal is to be under 130/80 but usually run a little lower than that.

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Joanne, I am on 2.5 MG of Lisinopril. My BP stays quite low with that.  Post-surgery it regulated pretty well but I was put on lisinopril so I could qualify for a clinical trial that had BP (and liver enzyme) parameters.        A spike in BP is what first gave a clue that there was something going on....I had a regular check-up and it was really high. I was much more in tune with my body after that and the next week I had a half a day of high left side flank pain and 2 days later trouble breathing. I was afraid I was having a heart attack and went back to my MD. A CT scan that evening showed the tumor pressing up against my lung lining.    I have not had a problem with the cough though I was warned that that is a typical side effect.    L~

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That is very interesting.  I was initially very happy with the blood pressures I was getting with 5 mg of lisinopril (the best BPs ever for me), but after 3 weeks, the cough was so bad that, if I was trying to have a conversation with someone, I would start coughing (never bringing anything up).  I was very disappointed since we thought it was the med.  I have a feeling that my ARNP isn't very keen to put me back on an ACE inhibitor.

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Since 2006 and round 1 of surgery for RCC (round 2 and 3 were in 2007 & 2008) my dosages have been tweaked a little at a time.  Currently on

20 mg Lisinopril and 1/2 of a 25 mg Metoprolol XL daily.  Plus 1/2 of a 40 mg Simvistatin every day.

Had my 70th BD last March, and have a mild cough at times.  Usually worse in spring and fall because of allergies, but the cough has never been severe enough to warrant a medicine change.

My BP range satisfies both my oncologist and my PC docs and even my opthalmologist.

Hope you can get answers for your difficulties.


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I split a 25mg tablet in 1/2 - keeps heart rate down, and BP at low levels.

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Since a bout with A-Fib a bit over a year ago I take half of a 25mg Metoprolol (love the lol on the end) and a 100mg Flecanide daily, better living through chemistry, ain't life grand...

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the same as Gary.

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