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Good, no GREAT news

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Hello All,


i know I don't post here much anymore but I am always checking in

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I hope everything is going good.Stay in good health.

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...in cancer world. Lets keep it that way.


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yup for sure with us old timers....great might not be possible news....good is okay

lovely to see you......have a hug


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Hugs, Kathi

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You were there when I joined and here I am approaching my 3 Year Scan hoping all OK so I can remove my chemo port. Glad to hear you are Good.


Posts: 1736
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Praying for great results!!!!




Posts: 1736
Joined: Jul 2007

That's not the post I wrote, I went on to say I am still all clear almost to my five year mark, telling everyone that there is hope even for us stage fours. It hasn't been easy life after cancer for me have struggled with depression for a long time but I can now say I feel hope, not exactly sure why maybe it's been the amount of time or just good meds LOL, but I am doing so much better!

Well I had written out a long post and it was a good one but it's gone gone gone just like the cancer from my body!!!!


p.s. finanally got a text back from Craig he is pretty sick hut hanging in best he can, he didn't reply with anything else but I was so glad to just get that from him.  Please keep him in your prayers





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Long or short, it's always grand to hear from you, dear Beth!!!!


Hugs to you both!  Kathi

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Thank you for the update.  Glad to hear that you are doing well.  It's nice to see your post.  Check in more often.


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