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In my head or not

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This is probably going to sound kind of crazy.

Ever since they did the testing (xrays, ultrasounds, MRI, etc..) and I found out the news that I have a tumor I have felt a lot worse physically. I understand that when you have an emotional pain that usually there is a physical pain to go along with it, so I guess this could be the anxiety/depression causing these new symptoms. 

Or have I had them all along and have been ignoring them and now I am just realizing just how tired I actually am and the pain I am having in my side and back?

None of it is that bad, just enough to be bothersome. 

Crazy? or normal? Undecided

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NORMAL!  Sandi, I feel that when you KNOW you have an issue you can become depressed, have anxiety and suddenly your body can feel sick.  Most people who have rcc never really feel sick, maybe just some pain but most don't even know they have it and are surprised when they find something on a scan they  took for some other reason. Emotions can cause alot of harm to us.  I don't know the situtation with your tumor but once you have it removed you probably will feel alot calmer and alot better.  Hopefully your tumor will be removed and you will be just fine very soon.  Be positive, take the bull by the horns and live your life.  There are alot of new medicines out there that can help greatly.  They are able to treat this disease as a chronic disease if need be. There is also alot of new research under way, and very promising research that can offer a cure is on the horizon.  Try to meditate and do breathing exercises. We are all here for you anytime you need to vent, share or encourage.  All my best to you!  xxoo

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You probably have had them but spent little time focusing on them. When we are busy with our lives we have a tendency to brush these things off. Once receiving the diagnosis your mind has become more focused, almost doing a continual sweep checking for symptoms. When I look back, I had often mentioned I was tired but always put in down to a long day, or some such thing. It wasn't until I received the diagnosis that I became aware of how unnaturally tired I really was.

So I would say it's pretty normal:)



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Gordon Charles
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The mind is an extremely powerful instrument.  You have recently been rudely confronted with what up to now has been a shadowy concept... death.  It is like any other unknown in our life...at the very least ...unsettling. You think about what you could have done to prevent the illness... nothing.  You search your body for any signs that might suggest even more problems...catch them this time.  Your body and mind are doing their best to deal with your new reality.  Take time to read the many posts on this board...you are not alone and others have been there before you.  Relax as best you can and enjoy the day you have in front of you.  Soon you will arrive at the point where you cease to be a victim of disease and become a fighter.....and we take no prisoners here!

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What you're going through is all normal, I'd say, and I agree with what all my friends above have said.

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But that said, you dont give any details on your scans. Obviously if you have a 20 cm tumor there can/will be physical signs...


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Thank you everyone for your replies.

Galrim I have a 7cm tumor and will have a partial open neph on Sept 18.

My other kidney was removed in 2006 due to a blockage that ruined it and wasn't found until too late, so hoping that this partial will go well and I can still function with the partial kidney that will remain.

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Eskimo lily
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My mom is 50 with clear cell rcc, stage iv.


Up until her diagnosis, she was working 11 hour days, everyday. She attributed her back pain to standing all day and her hot flashes to hormonoes due to menopause.

Now that she's stopped working, like you, she has really started to notice her symptoms and what she feels going on in her own body.


I'll be thinking of you for your upcoming surgery.

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