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Hi There;


My step dad  started having pain in his back  in Middle of June,  Dr sent him  to the Chiropracter for a few weeks which  by middle of July we was in so much pain we went to the ER and  they did scans but neither the   ER or the Primriary doctors looked at the results for two weeks later. We found out at beginning of August that he was diagnosed with metastic  bone cancer with one fractered verterbrae but that  the bone cancer was a secondary and they could not find the primary. About a week into the radiation treatment The found that he had the Merkel Cell cancer and a couple weeks later  they prognosed him  with a year  at the most with cancern.  I have seen him sent to the ER  a few times and its so frustrating to see    something like this happen so quickly and now going from walking to bed ridden and hardly able to use his legs. I have been trying hard to stay strong when around him and talk with him about our normal items. I am scared and upset of the possibility of losing him, He is in his  50's and one of my step brothers was willing to help pay for treatment but then   decided not to, it is so frustrating  and I don't know what I can do.

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That happened with my friends dad too. His primary started in pancreas. Research Oxygen therapy and all alternatives. I bought my machine for 500 dollars. It is on its way. There have been cures of people in fourth stage. Watch Gerson Miracle on netflix and read about the Hoxie clinic

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