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Super blessed! A true feel good story :) UPDATE

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As many of you know I've run up about $225K in medical bills without any insurance.  Well, Medicaid has decided to help, but to give me a $20k deductible.  I am VERY pleased with that.  Yes, it's a lot of money but I am beyond thankful for the assistance.  Well, I now have about $1500 out of pocket in dental procedures to have done.  Two of my good friends decided to have a benefit yard sale for me.  They've been announcing on Facebook and all over social media.  People donated enough to fill an entire storage unit and one of my friend's garage!!!  The fellowship hall of the church is totally FULL for in the morning! People who came to help sort were pre-shopping and they have already raised $500!  I am completely overwhelmed.  I can't believe the generosity of everyone.  I am beyond blessed!!!  I may look different, I definitely sound different, and I still have a long way to go...but God has shown me miracles and blessed me tremendously through this entire journey.  There is so much "bad" that we all go through, I wanted to share some of the "good"...

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My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Hoping that you get all that you need ...


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It's humbling when you are on the receiving end of such love and support.

When my journey started, my friend and singing partner put together a benefit and silent auction to help Marcia and I out with living expenses while I underwent treatment and recovery. Between that and a Give Forward page, we raised enough to cover our rent and utilities during the several months I was out of work. I don't know what we would have done without it. 

That's awesome Tracy! With all the negativity that comes with this dreaded disease and all the atrocities against humanity we see in this world, it helps to restore hope and shows that there is good in this world.

Positive thoughts and prayers.


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to put a giant LIKE on this!  That's wonderful!


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I love a good sale, where’s my map?

You remind me of George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  You truly are the richest girl in town.

Love the story,


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It's wonderful and warming to hear stories of human kindness.  I know it warms your soul to  feel their love and caring. 

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It's wonderful and warming to hear stories of human kindness.  I know it warms your soul to  feel their love and caring. 

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Oh Tracy, that is so wonderful.  You truly have been blessed.  Thank you for sharing your story.  It is so heartwarming to hear such stories of generosity.  May you continue to be blessed.


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I love when family/friends and strangers pitch in for a good casue

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This post brought a smile to my heart !  Yes, there is alot of good in this old world of ours !  Hugs sent !   Katie

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tracy, that is super!  its a wonderful feeling when people show us how much they love and care about us.  i'm thankful you have wonderful family and friends to help u thru this. 

God bless you.


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that restore my faith. I struggle from time time with all that happens in this world. 

Another reason to believe and restore.


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and so are your friends and family.  Your light shines through your posts.  You are a loving and caring woman.  You know the true meaning of friendship.

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What a heartwarming story. You are blessed!

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It was a long, hot, and tiring day, but everyone pitched in and worked their butts off!  We had a LOT of stuff donated and sold probably 3/4 of it!  I prayed that we'd make enough $ to cover my dental work (almost $1500 out of pocket) and our grand total was....... $3000!!!  I can knock out some payments, cover my dental work and put a dent in some of the immediate medical needs.  BLESSED!!!!!  I prayed so hard for everyone involved (for them to be blessed many, many times over) and God doubled what I had prayed for.  I stand in amazement of His mercy and for the love of my friends.  It's so funny who shows up to help when it's hard work.   The people you think you can always count on are nowhere to be found, but the ones you least expect will blow your mind!  haha  It was such a great day but I am totally exhausted!  We were able to donate what was left to Crisis Pregnancy Center (baby items and clothing) and to Turning Point (battered womens shelter store).  They were both SO excited with everything.  Many people received blessings as a result of today! 

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And you were able to pay it forward and bless many more.

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for you, God works in mysterious ways ( friends help too)


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I am so happy for you. Wish I could have attended in support of a fellow warrior. I like Matt still have my mask in the basement we both could have worn them and came as the gruesome twosome. You helped out others also. What a great day. I was going to post some battered wife jokes here but decided against it.

Sitting here Happy For Tracy



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We all need to hear a blessing now and then, thanks you and may God Continue to Bless you






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Yea....great news   Ann

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