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Sorry I need to vent

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Saw the new PCP in person she was good up to the point of the ultrasound coming back for my thyriod. The pass week has been hell leaving messages for her to call me and all I get is her med assitant to talk to losing battle. They wanted thyriod uptake and scan radioactive cant do that or my poor hubby cant fly for work he would have sent the alarms off at the airport. Finally after this morning I was able to go to the docs office to ask for a copy of the report they tried to tell me 25 dollars please I said no I not paying I am not asking for my whole file they have. Got the report and let them make a copy of the old one Yea it showed some shrinkage to the thyriod. I told there is no need for me to run to an endo that would stop the thyriod med that is shrinking the gioter. Now I have to wait until Oct 8th for the new doc I found. So far my bones are stable and my liver is back dare i say it normal. If i had gone through that test a would be radioactive for 4 days .

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Good luck!   I hope you find a nrew doc you can trust.  Hugs and prayers!

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Thinking of you..


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You have been thru hell, and back these past 6 months ..  Keeping my fingers, and toes crossed that you find new a Enco/Specialist - insurance permitting. 

Conitue pursuing all answers - don't give up.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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