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Bone scan tomorrow

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Onc and specialist decided to do a bone scan. For the last year continuous consistent lower back pain.

now, as a young athlete I contracted osteomyelitis ( infiction in the Bone marrow) it nearly cost me my life but I made it.

this is many years ago , I wonder if that can cause me more difficulties now later on.

Why is it that we always worry for every bloodiest, every scan. It will be a long day, and I will only get the results on September 30, because onc is away grrrrr

Daughter has Trigeminial Neuralga, few if you know that she had brain surgery in May, was doing great and now ..... She got shingles and is in dear pain again. Of course her immune system is compromised. Just wondering if all this will ever end, I am getting very very tired.

thanks for listening, 

hugs, Marjan

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I'm sorry you need to get a bone scan.
I worry about everything  little thing as well. My husband is the one with cancer and
he just does not let worry get to him. I can't imagine having to wait so long for a scan.
I go nuts over a few days. He has a scan coming up in a month....has been ned for two
So sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope things improve over time.
Take care....Linda

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Thinking of you & your daughter as you each face yet another trial. I've not had shingles, but know it is extremely painful. You have both been through so much.



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Marjan... sorry to hear of your troubles. I hear shingles are tough to deal with. I hope she is better soon and that your scan is good.

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not going to happen, right. 

Worrying can tire you out so much. I pray that tomorrow won't be as long as you antiipate, and that maybe there is a way you can get the results before your Oncologist returns from his vacation. 

I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Please return and let us know how things go.

I'm also sorry for your daughters condition. My dad had shingles on his scalp, and it drove him to distraction. 

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Thanks you all for your kind encouragement, I do not reach out often, but seeing my child in so much pain and not bring able to help is very very difficult.

i move far away from friends after the death of my husband to be closer to my daughter ,it hen was diagnosed with colon cancer.

I have no support system in place , so your kind words of encouragement s mean a lot to me.

never felt so alone in my life as the last few years.

thank you , very much appreciated. Waiting for the results is not easy because patience was never high on my list. I am a person always in charge and saying " lets get on with it! 

Maybe with all your help I learn .

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I hope you choose to visit us more often here. We can be your support and you'll feel the love along with all the information that you can get. 

I know what you mean abiout watching your child hurt.  Its a mothers blesing and curse I believe, to feel our childrens pain and wish we could take it from them. My son has be beset with health problems since birth and my heart aches for him.  We can't take away their pain, but we can love them and let them know how much we love them  and that will give them strength.


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I hope your bone scan results shows a non -malignant cause for your pain. I have had bone scans in the past few years ,they showed extensive psoriatic arthritis in most of my major joints . It also showed problems with the base of my spine. I had an MRI and it showed spondylitis and lars fractures in my lower back with some nerve compression. I don't think that chemo is bone friendly plus I had a lot of high dose steroids which rots bones. It is not a great outcome but it sure beats cancer. Good luck , hoping for good results. Ron.

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There's really not much worse than going for these tests and then having to wait for results, is there?  How I wish they could set up a system where you walk out the door knowing what is going on.

Hopefully, this will all turn out to be benign.  I too had a bone scan last year because of unrelenting back and joint pain, but it was all negative (not even any inflammation, which I thought odd).  My doc said that chemo can lead to years of joint/muscle pain, so perhaps it is that.

Keep us posted~AA

And I hope your daughter's health improves soon.  Watching our children struggle with illnesses is worse than being sick ourselves, imo.

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You are not alone when it tomes to anxiety before scans. Lets hope it's nothing to worry about.

Dont know what to tell you about life general. Sometimes question come up in our heads, but there is no answer or no comfort in the answer. Sick or healthy, we have to seek out the good things in life and still find purpose to keep living. This life is the only one we got whether we like it or not. If we really look there are a thousand good things to one bad.

Wish you good luck and let us know.


Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Marjan. I am sorry that life is so hard for you at this time. Prayers for a clean scan and for your daughter's return to health. Waiting for results drives me crazy!  Patience isn't my gift either. We'll be thinking of you. This forum has helped a lot of us thought lonely times so do visit often. 

Love your new pic.

Cathleen Mary

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Thank you al so much for replying, I am feeling so much better knowing I am truly not alone in dealing with the speed bumps on my path.

scan done now Daughters or the results, standing is most painfull.  Daughter is  sick from mets and stoned out on mets. Seeing neurologist with her on the 19 th of this month.

my girlfriend surprised me with a visite all the way from Holland after she learned of all my trouble. How wonderful to know that for a few weeks I am not so lonely. She makes me laugh again and keeps me busy.

thank you all for your support, there is no cure for Trigeminial neuralgia.


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