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Hello all, I was diagnosed with GBM VI in April 2013. Went through surgery and 40 days of chemo + 30 days of Radiation. After doing a lot of research and talking to many about these conventional treatments, I have decided to stop chemotherapy. There are many reasons why I have chosen to stop chemo however I am now starting to second guess. It's very hard to stick with my decision when this seems to be the only "solution" to this horrible disease. I am geniunely asking for advice from you all as to whether I should go back on chemotherapy or not. What are your thoughts on the side effects on chemo? Read too many articles about the negative effects of chemo and how it effects the GOOD cells/organs in your body, makes cancer more magliant AND when asked, 80% of doctors said they would refuse chemo. PLEASE give me any feedback, all would be greatly appreciated. God Bless.


PS - Currently I am on a strict vegan/organic diet + budwig diet

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I lost my 12 year old daughter to Gliomatosis Cerebri.  We also did radiation and chemo....along with a trial chemo at St. Jude.  The one thing that we would have tried (we actually started it, but did not get the results that we hoped for due to steroids), would have been a Ketogenic Diet.  No chemo worked at all....radiation worked, but there are so many side effects including secondary cancers.  Do a search for Ketogenic Diet.  I believe that this type of diet reduce significantly reduce the primary food source for cancer cells.  I don't disagree with your decision to stop chemo.  You are taking your life in your own hands and no person should ever fault you for that.  Email me if you need help in research or if you are interested in more information.  Good luck to you and God bless.

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Try this treatment at northwestbio theraupeutics in USA as they have developed a vaccine called DC-VAX for gbm4  patients . they are at www.nwbio.com 


try also the www,sbfhealthcare.com   as they do a sequentially programmed magnetic treatment for gbm 4 tumour patients .Median Survival is over 4 years.


try the tablets called curcumin tablets with bioperine 3gramms a day as many people have used it to stave off recurrence.

they have also used allicin tablets (originates from garlic plant) plus the Bees propolis tablets .




I am just A wellwisher as my friend had this gbm4 tumour 

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Kish,  my wife had gbm 4 turmor removed.  last mri showed no evidence of tumor.  she had 42 days of chemo temodar 120 mg along with radiation.  Just had 2nd round of temodar 250mg for 5 days.  Now is so tired she just wants to eat a small meal and go back to bed.  Did your friend use temodar and switch to these drugs?  I'm afraid temodar is deteriorating her and she will never recover.  jerry

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I don't agree that 80% of doctor would say no to chemo. I am a physician. None of my collegues would say no to chemo. Unfortunately it is one of the only tools againts cancer that has been proven to be effective. That say, chemo is absolutely a poison and I think the a true cure to cancer lies in an immunological approach such a vaccine. But we are not there yet.

The decision to stop chemo is a very personal one. Make the best decision for you. No one else can make it for you. Quality of life is very important and chemotherapy does affect it.

I wish you the best,



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I_Promise, you make a very good point.  Obviously the decision as to whether to continue with chemo or not is a very personal one. I think it's important that people look at chemo as a treatment used to slow or reverse the growth of cancer, as opposed to a cure for it.  One of the difficulties of brain cancer is that even when the tumor can be removed, additional tissue around the tumor cannot be removed to get stray cancer cells, as is done in other parts of the body.  Chemo and radiation, while both have adverse effects, are simply tools to use against the aggressive nature of the cancer cells.  I've seen some promising studies where antivirals have had some success in treatment GBMIV, but these are obviously early trials and still need years of testing to determine whether they will work successfully in the long run.  That being said, chemo and radiation  are, at this time the only tools available that can be used to attempt to slow tumor growth.  It's up to the physician, the patient and the family to ulitimately decide whether using those tools will have a positive effect for the patient and a better prognosis.

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Thank you to everyone for their imput, I greatly appreciate it all. God Bless.

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my mom has GBM stage 4 and I wish she would start to consider diet changes, and less conventional methods of treatment but I cannot force anything unto her.   I commend you for your leap of faith!  I am curious if you have considered a compromise that includes both chemo and alternative methods? 


I will tell you my 2 cents....


  I work with several people right now on developing a highly nutrient dense product, packed full of trace minerals etc.  We hope to offer it to those suffering from cancer or auto immune related illnesses to help support their immunit.  Naturally I am interested in what you are doing currently to help support your body as is.  It is important to understand that food alone no longer supports our bodies like it once did.  It would take not 1 apple, but more like 4 or 5 these days to pack in the same nutrients. This product intends to up the nutirents in your body so that it can function at a higher rate chemically.  Id be happy to give you more information.  If not this product, then find some other product full of trace minerals and nutrients in the right dosage and combonation so that you can absorb it.  Things like selenium, glutathamin etc.


off my soap box!  :)

Thanks for your story and bravery.  My heart is with you!

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