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New to this need advice

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My girlfriend is 26 and was diagnosed with esophogucancer about two months ago she has a peg tube installed and is on her second round of chemo I see lots of posts about. Radiation which her doctor hasn't even mentioned I think due to her being on Medicade she wont receivethem care she needs , we have a beautiful 18 month old baby girl and I am desperate to keep her mommy in our life what can I do.

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Has she been staged? What stage is she? What form of EC does she have.  what tests have been done.  Have they done an endoscope with ultrasound and did they biopsy the tumor. Have they check her for  HER- hormone ( which responds herceptin chemo.  If she is at stage one maybe chemo only will work.  Where is she being treated?  If you have done any research you know EC is extremely agressive and the more advanced the stage the lower statistics.  She needs a good team working for her if surgery becomes a topic it is very complicated and she needs a surgeon that does this on a routine basis,many time a year. A general surgeon is not the best choice.

I am stage 4 dx in march of 2012 and still undergoing chemo after surgery and radiation last year.  I am using a local oncologist but I have also been to Mayo Clinic and Iowa City hospitals cancer center and they have both said he is making good choices for me.

Others with more info will chime in and give you more info. Remember she is a statistic  of one and there are long term survivors out there.  

Good luck 

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There is a “standard of care” for treatment of esophageal cancer. You can find a reference document at http://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/esophageal-cancer/treatment. However treatment varies widely based on the "Stage" the cancer has reached and the overall health profile of the patient. I would not think the fact that your girlfriend is on Medicade would affect her treatment profile.

Not all people who are treated for cancer receive radiation therapy. For example, I was originally diagnosed as Stage 1 esophageal cancer and went directly to surgery and had chemotherapy after my surgery but no radiation therapy. Sometimes the location of the tumor eliminates radiation therapy as an option because of the potential to damage other critical organs.

If you could provide more specific staging information we may be able to provide better suggestions.

  1. What is her cancer staging (she should have received a TNM designation from her oncologist)
  2. Where is she receiving treatment?
  3. Does she have other health issues that may affect her treatment?

Best Regards, 

Paul Adams

 Grand Blanc, Michigan

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