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CEA falls from 150 to 109 in 48 hours without any treatment

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So we got a serum cea done last Tuesday and it was 150. The doc recommend a pet scan and we shall get one asap.


That being said the repeat cea test done after 48 hours shows a value of 109. I m confused by this and wanted to check for possible explanations!! 

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somebody switched the samples and your Dad was given somebody else's report - think how they must feel right now, if that's the case!  Or, your Dad is very resilient and very lucky., and whatever residual chemo is still in his system is still working. I hope the latter



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Nana b
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Awesome. That would be great news to my ears. 

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ALthough there is a lot of CEA variability for many/most people, that's a lot.   We have less variability, probably because of the IV vitamin C 24 hrs before, low tumor residue and other anti-inflammatories daily.  I'd like to think your dad's high number was a spike due to a nodule necrosis, CEA clearing with a half life of ca 3-6 days, at least as one possibility.  Cumulative MCV change is a hint too.

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