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ultra-sound check

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Hey everyone,

Went to my primary yesterday for updates.  Caught the goop from the grandkids, 2 were sick when I watched them a week ago.  Now grannies got a touch of pneumonia, go figure !  Course of antibiotics and neb at home.  Also told him about the lump the specialist were saying was related to the carotid artery.  Had an ultra-sound of both sides.  Everything is good with both arteries.  I asked the tech (who is an actual Dr.-radiologist) about the lump....and he said he wouldn't comment on it, but that the arties were in excellant shape.  hmmm....will take the excellant news and ask about that lump later I guess.  (my thinking is scar tissue-but showing up almost two yrs. out ?)

I also picked up my walker/chair.  At first I was very hestitant to get it.  Darned old pride.  But it's actually really cool !  Will be able to get some more walking in every day now.  I had to laugh at the poor pharmacist....medicare won't touch it for the lung issues.  Yeah I guess if you have bad lungs, you aren't suppose to walk.  So my Dr. added, falling issues....bam paid for.  I asked about O2 for down the road....as these folks are close to home.  Was told medicare, and state insurances are fighting this one too.  Whatever people ! 

Did all the paper work for transfer back to St. Cloud cancer center.  (over the phone, and faxing)  So all, in all I'm in good shape on the home front.  Hugs and positives sent out to all !  Katie 


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katie, you've handled a lot of business.  u r a real go-getter!  keep up the good job.  i'm glad u put ur pride aside.  have a wonderful day!


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99 bottles of beer on the wall....

Take one down, pass it around, toast to Katie....

Thoughts & Prayers always your way,


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You have the best attitude and greatest spirit about you!!  GREAT progress and so glad that your doctor is getting Medicare to  pay for stuff!  It should!!  Hope you feel better and keep on keeping on! 

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You got a lot done in just the last week!  WOW! 

I'd take the "good artery" news and run with it....since it is in good condition, it's anybody's guess why it chose to to become visible...but if the Dr.'s don't see it as a problem, then you can do the same.

As for Medicare....let's see....if the Dr. has to add "falling" to the reasons for getting a good walker.....what does he have to do to get them to pay for Oxygen?  It's so damned self-evident, it's crazy.  WTF are they thinking? 

Love you, Katie....you are the most upbeat person I know.


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Glad to hear the good report on the carotids. Way to go on your doctor's behalf for getting you the walker...and just in time for some perfect fall weather so you can get out and enjoy.

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Katie, i have a pretty good sized lump underneath the back of my jaw. Its close to where my original tumor was but my ENT says its scar tissue from the removal of the tumor plus all the lymoh nodes. The area has not lit up in any of my scans (Several CTs, 1 PET, & 2 MRIs) plus my Dr gives it a good feel every time I see him & it hasn't changed. My tumor was painful & this is not (unless I'm constantly messing with it which I'm sometimes guilty of :/). Anyways, I obviously can't tell you what it is, but scar tissue would be a good bet! Glad to hear you ae doing well. Hope that pneumonia clears up quickly!!

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Happy to hear you have good arteries, which are important.

A new set of wheels are they aware of how fast you drive?  Last time I put the radar on you I believe you were averaging 72 mph (basic rule does apply).

Well we can’t keep you down, stay healthy and in the fight.

Way to go,


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Glad you posted your update. All things considered, pretty good report and glad you are able to be more mobile. Most of us feel better while getting around than sitting in. Take care. don

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Hi Katie, good to hear that the carotid is doing good. back in December of 2008 I had a TIA, mini stroke. The reason for the TIA was my left side carotid artery was over 90% blocked. The vascular guys did an endarterectomy on the carotid and cleaned it out. When I informed them that I was going to have radiation to my neck they got a little concerned. As part of my cancer follow ups the carotid was checked by ultrasound yearly. Today was ultrasound day and everything looks fine, no blockages. Hope your lump is scar tissue. Denis

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jim and i
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You go girl! You are amazing. praying for you.


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 Wow girl what a fighter, keep hanging in there. Good news on the lump and the arteries as long as there is no C there that is the main thing. Also need to remember stay away for people who are sick our immune system is not what it once was. I know how hard it is when my grandkids are at my house and papa walks in, they look and hold their little arms out for papa to take them just about the time I see their little noise running down their lip. Ops I got to mow the grass.


God Be with you

Tim Hondo

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It's so hard to not see the grandbabies, sick or not.  But I recently had this discussion with all my children, without crying my eyes out !  I know my immune system is compremised.  So we are all on the same page with this now.  I feel pretty blessed right now, all things considered.  My abi-normal is in a really wonderful place.  I thank you all for your kind words, you all inspire me to continue with my head held high.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Hi Katie,

Do you have a webcam you can use to do video chat with your grandbabies? If not it is really easy to setup and dirt cheap too. It is very cool to Skype and do real time video chat, nearly as good as being there. In this case, maybe even better since you can't catch anything from them. don

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So good to see your always positive attitude & your report about the carotid.

Isn't it funny how just a little wording change will get Medicare on track. One of the things they didn't want to pay for was Ron's G-tube pump. However, although they refused to pay, their statement said that I didn't have to either, so Banner Health had to "eat" that one. I am still in limbo about his multi-teeth extraction of $4,600 that was done during the peg/chemo port surgery. It's like they thought Ron said "Well, I'm having surgery anyway, might as well have 13 teeth pulled at the same time".  LOL  What happened to common sense? Oh, I forgot, we're talking insurance here. Anyway, it's reprocessing with new info. Some of their rules drive me crazy. United Healthcare would not pay anything on the Infectious Disease specialist because he was out of network & Medicare had paid 60% & the visits were in-hospital. It made no difference that there was no in-network specialist at this hospital, BUT if this specialist had seen him in the ER, it would have been paid at 100%. I figure all this krap is to confuse you even more.

My solution to all this is to never answer the phone unless you recognize the number as a friend.

Please take care,



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Minnesota? Marcia lived there for many years before moving here to VA. 

Glad to see the good news and positive attitude :)

Positive thoughts and prayers


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