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Lung mets

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Today I got the results of my last ct scan. I ave five suspect lung nodes. We have been watching these spots since I was diagnosed in April 2011. They had shown no change until now, 6 months after follow. The largest is 5mm. The rest are a few millimeters each. My onc is recommending folfiri with avistan starting in a few weeks or I can scan again in three months and then start. I have requested a surgical consult. I'm lost. All I can think about are the five year stats. I have a 2 year old daughter. Any hope?

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Sorry to hear your have to go through any treatment bue what your onc irecommend ending is pretty common. Hopefully they will catch everything . Everyone reacts different butmost have fatigue. You may not because your baby will keep you hopping. I will pray  all goes well. Jeff

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The worst thing you can do is look at the statistics. 80% of this game is attitude. Even if we lose eventually and everyone will, sick or healthy, how you live your life is what matters. You have control over one day at a time. An hour is too short, a year is too long to have control over. You have the power to fill up each day with joy and productivity. At the same time make long term goal so you have something to live for.

It will get lot easier once you start treatment, because anticipation is a million times worse than the actual even and you know this by now.

I wish you good luck with everything,


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Hi Carm,

I'm very sorry to hear this.  I can't begin to imagine how overwhelmed you are feeling.  We too have an almost 2 year old - my husband has stage 4 rectal cancer.  As a mom, I am completely exhausted by the time he goes to bed and I can't imagine how you are taking care of your little girl and yourself.  If I were you, I'd be feeling terrified, angry and overwhemled.   I hope you have a lot of help and support.  

There are folks here that have been dealing with lung mets successfully.  I hope Phil sees this so he can give you some advice and hope.  I don't remember his exact story, but I think he's been treated for about 9 yrs now and seems to be doing well and is pretty active from the sounds of his posts!   I hope you do well too.

Hang in there - I will be thinking of you and praying for you.



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I was dx aug 2010 with metast to lungs.   had chemo 3 years now.   Largest got o 69mm, recently shrunk to 45mm. Praise God!   I have the option of surgery if needed.   Attitude will def help.  Hang in there 

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My husband has been getting Folfiri & Avistan with the addition of the 5 FU pump since Feb.  He has has very good results with his lung mets.  Last Jan, the largest one in the left upper lobe was 16 x15 mm and last months CT scan is showing it is now 15 x 8 mm.  Also, one in his right upper lobe has decreased in size and density, from 5 mm to 3 mm.  No new nodules are present.  

I know everyone is responds differently to treatment but he has had the most positive results on Folfiri & Avastin.  He goes for chemo every other Friday so he has the weekend to rest.  Works full-time and is in good spirts.  I would say the biggest issue for him at the moment is fatigue.  

We never give up on hope!  I know it sounds cliche but we try to deal with things one day at a time. 

Take care and please let us know how your consult goes.



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"video assisted thoracic surgery".  I believe there may be other surgical possibilities as well (RFA is one, I believe).  You might want to PM PhilieG, who has been around for many years with lung thingies, and who has a lot of experience with surgical stuff.   And if you have surgery, I'll send you some Tagamet!

Try to stay hopeful, although I know how hard it is.  Cancer is terrible for everyone, but I think those of us with small children do have a special burden.

Many hugs~AA

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We've disappeared or calcified my wife's bilobar, subcentimeter lung mets with immunochemo over 1-2 years.  If they hadn't retreated, VATS or other surgery would be next.  We use lots of chemistry, generic and natural.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies. I have been busy trying to explore my options. I have requested a second opinion from another top hopsital here I Toronto as well as a surgical consult which is scheduled for Monday. The surgeon who did my nitial resection thinks chemo is the way to go to try and eliminate some of the really small ones hopefully and then see what we are dealing with. His thoughts were that they are too small for surgery. I'll see what the others say and go from there. At least now I feel like I have some hope.

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You are doing the right thing. Explore your options fully and making the right decision will be easier.


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