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start round #3 of radiation.

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This time from right hip to mid calf. Then 7-10 day break followed by internal radiation, if UHC will approve it. May not as it runs 30 - 40k. Medicare.will pay their part but UHC may not and I certainl do not have 6-8k....
Has anyone here used Quadrmet? This is the radioactive drug that is used. I will know in 14 days if it is approved. I am very thankful that I am able to have the rads to my leg. If it works I will be mobile longer. Both treatments are palliative, and will hopefully improve the pain.
Any info is appreciated.

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My prayers that insurance covers the internal rads and that both rads help you.

God bless.


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Jean 0609
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Just wanted to send you a big cyber hug.  You are in my thoughts & prayers.





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Hoping for the approval for the internal and that they do their job and provide you some relief and mobility.


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Praying that your insurance will approve quickly. Love surf

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Christmas Girl
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Hope the treatment is approved, that it will provide pain relief and increased mobility.

Big (((hugs))) backatcha.

Kind regards, Susan

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is unreal ...  keping my fingers crossed that someone out there in the medical community - resource center - has been able to help with co pays, funds and approval.

Wishing you all the very best ...


Vicki Sam


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I gave my sons the name of the med. Quadramet, Last night they both talked to me and they DO NOT think I should do the internal tads. They are good with the external to my right leg/hip, but neither feel that the risks are worth it on the internal. Said from what they read the chances of it messing with my platelets and white cell count could kill me and they would rather that I work with pain meds and accupuncture for the pain!
Yesterday I saw.my new.pain doctor, whom I really like, I asked her about it and she said right off that zhe had seen some end up needing regular transfusions following the treatment, of course she said she only sees those of us who are in not so good shape.
She suggested getting the external and then getting directed, gamma knife , to the tumors onmy spine T4thru T 6. AShe said that that is the area that causes the mobility issues as the tumors tend to cut off the nerves in the spinal column which effects my bladder, bowels, and movement from the waist dow. My right side is weakpper than my left already which worries her. So she iswill be discussing this at the tumor board monday or Tuesday.
So now I really dont know what to do. I have not found anyone who has had this!
Hugs to all, and thanks for the support
More lost than before.

New Flower
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 sorry, tough decisions to make. I am sure you will find your right way out from this dilema. Please continue sharing your thoughts and feeling. you as well as your doctors have to weigh benefits and risks from each possible treatment and choose the best approach for you.


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It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor doing all she can for you.  I would stay away from that Quadramet if it's going to lower your platelets and wbc.

I did a search for the word on that other mets only forum that I read and some times posts.  What I found is that no one seems to have used it since 2011.

If you want to read what some of them said:  copy and paste the following. 


Toya and Musa are people who do have backgrounds and I always put more realiability in what they have to say than anyone else.  The posts are old, so I don't know if you want to bother reading it.   

Best to you,


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