You Are All Angels

Hi Everyone,

Today I met a daughter and father (Pancreatic Cancer Stage 4) who were dealing with his disease four weeks into the process. His daughter was just so worried, caring, and a little lost. I tried to give her a little advice based on my experiences with mom and also directed her to this Network. I did not want her to feel helpless like I did when I heard about mom's cancer.

This is a thanks to all of you who have helped me over the year while mom has been struggling. I'm so grateful I found you all.

Hope all is well and keep perservering.






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    I have a friend who is stage

    I have a friend who is stage III with pancreatic cancer.  I told her about this website too.  It has been a blessing having people to talk to.

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    Glad you found this site.  It's a hard disease to deal with and with support it gets easier.  Pancreatic cancer is probably the most devestating of all cancers because it is so painful.  I've lost a good friend to it and we lost a member here that initally had CRC but then developed a second cancer of pancreatic cancer (LizzyDavis).  Wonderful person that gave everything she had in fighting.  Unfortunately she lost her battle, but others still survive.  Please visit this site or have them do it if willing and we will try an help.  Best to you all


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    How is your mom doing, Meowycat?

    I've been thinking about you guys, wondering how things are going.

    Hugs to you both~AA