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Craig and Joe!

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You guys have been quiet for a while. We know you are going through a tough time and we are with you every moment. When you guys are up to it drop us a line, ok?


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I had a month off chemo after my PET results in mid August... this crap finally stopped growing a spreading.

I had spread to about a half dozen bones, about a half dozen lymph nodes as well as a couple other spots from January 2013 to May 2013. I started FolFuri w/ avastin on june 1st and it finally got me to "NPD"  No Progression of Disease.

Feeling better mentally, physically and spritually that I have in over a year.  

I restared chemo today and we'll go for another 12-14 weeks and do yet another scan and see how things are going.  I still check in here now and then, but i haven't started any new posts in awhile.  I've been around here for nearly 2 years now, and believe me when I say I want to give back and help others, and prior people have helped me... but what's sad (and sorry to be honest with some of you who may not be ready for this) but over half of the people that I met through CSN in 2011 are no longer with us.  It gets hard a times so I take breaks... but I will never stop checking in and posting help, ideas and opinions whenever I can.

One thing that's for sure... is over the years we've had some nice debates and truly agruments at times... but challenging each others ideas and opinions is kind of fun for some while others get upset and move on. Me, I like the debates as there really are no wrong answers hear as everyone is in a different battle.... yet similar.

thanks for asking and I'll post when I feel i can help others.

here's my blog site for any who wish to read or get my regular posts.


I started this blog to keep the "truth" of my cancer out there for family and friends... and to help my four kids so they are NOT constantly asked.... "how's your dad?" or "I heard 'xyz' about your dad... is it true?"  But my blog has taken another direction as well.  

so I write here at my blog a lot more than here at CSN

hugs to all and keep up the battle... and take time to notice the positive changes that are happening each of our lives with such a horrible disease.

my best


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Great news, Joe.  Glad you are doing well.  Did you and your wife get a chance to take that vacation?

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I just feel better when I hear your voice. It really makes a difference in my days.

Take care my friend till next time.


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Glad you are dong well Joe.  I caught up on your blog last night and you are amazing.   I hope things continue getting better and better!

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Glad things have settled down.  Been thinking of you lately and just wishing the best for you. 


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