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When you get sick after your treatment

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When you get sick after your treatment specially radiation treatment!!

My husband was done with his treatment in April with 35 radiation and chemo. Recently My daughter was sick from cold and fever and of course my husband got sick too.. But this is his first cold after his treatment and symptoms were different than ever.

Swallowing problem, and pain, loosing voice His ENT gave him antibiotic for cold.

Does anyone have symptoms like this after radiation treatment for cold?

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Despite my best efforts to not get exposed during the first  handful of months post treatment, I did.  And to no suprise, the symptoms were pretty severe.  When you consider the status of the radiated area, and the fact  that his immune system is still depressed for a long time afte chemo, none of this is a surprise.  He will recover and eventually his response to viruses will go back to what it was. 



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I was 7 months post radiation and 4 post last chemo, and doing pretty damn good, when a was hit hard by a nasty cold. All the symptoms that I had during, or shortly after the treatments, came back, and with a vengeance. I had it all: severe sore throat, swallowing problems, loosing voice, nausea, intense fatigue, (+ fever and other cold related symptoms) and on top of all, I was also working and traveling. It lasted a full week, and then very slowly, fully recovered in about a month.

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