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Got my boxing gloves on.....

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Boxing gloves, big girl panties and arse-kicking boots are on.  Start rads tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that it will help with the pain. I do NOT have the attention span for pain!,  Hugs to all J xxxxxx  Cool <----- cool dude.

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Go get 'em girl.  Kick rads tush.

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I am confident that you will kick arse. Hoping that the rads will do the trick and you will be comfortable throughout. Love Surf

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and ready to go! Radiation really helped with my spine/hip pain. Just dont eat popcorn for a few weeks at least! and if they do the spine area (bum) use the aqua phor on your crack! Nothing more painful than a cracked crack!

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I know that you are just the gal to kick arse.  Carol had good advice about the bum area and cracked cracks. If they do rads there be sure and use aqauphor or whatever they recommend.  it is the one of the spots that I had problems with when I had pelvic rads 13 years ago. 

Glad you are all gloved up and ready for the fight and I hope that the rads help with the pain. 


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Hope you first day of radiation went well - let us know how it progresses...you might feel tired - so, use that as an excuse to get extra sleep...  :)


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