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Anf the leg bone's connected to the...shin bone?

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After over a year of waiting and seeing how my ORN was developing, a recent PET scan confirmed that it's still progressing and other tissue has become involved.  So, I am in the prep stage to have a jaw resecting (replacement) in the future.  Based on some travel and work timing, I am hoping to hold off until next April, but if something happens before then to make it an emergency, then it'll get done when needed.  The procedure will involve taking a part of a bone in one leg and sculpting it to the shape of my left jaw bone, and then grafting it in place.  It is a very long surgery and the recovery time is long--but I am told that the success rate is very high and that it will make me pain-free in that area.

Chemo + rads--the gifts that keep on giving.



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It should read "And the leg bone's connected to the...jaw bone?"  Too early to be posting, I guess.



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When you hear of a knee jerk, will your head fly sideways.... If your jaw drops, you need to be careful you don't fall....

OK, enough of the wise cracks....

Sorry for your situation of needing to go through this, you're tough though and can handle it.

The positives like you mention is the high success rate, longevity, and best is being pain free....

Thoughts & Prayers for success your way.


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you're having to go through that.  I had 1/4 of my jaw removed but they replaced mine with a titanium plate.  Would that be an option for you?  Much less recovery time.  A close friend of mine had bone from her shin taken to create a new cheekbone and she only had about 3-4 tough days.  She actually recovered pretty quickly.  Wishing you the best!!

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mike, soooo sorry u have 2 go thru this.  i will be praying for u!!


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I hope it works out so you can plan it and not be in an emergency situation....what a great thing tho....to be out of any pain, other than the initial surgery pain, huh?  It's the pits that rads keep on giving long after treatment is over....

Good to hear from you, Mike....keep us up to date on whats happening, ok?


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I had my left mandible replaced with my right fibula back 01/2012. You are right. it is a very long (19 hours for me) surgery but I had a neck disection at the same time. The only good thing I have to say it that I never suffered any pain from it. They put me in a preplanned induced coma for 4 days and then I was in ICU nearly 2 weeks. I really only recall the last two days in the hospital so by then, any pain had passed. I was warned that the skin graft taken from my thigh to cover where they took the fibula out would be most painful. It hurt but only for a day or two. My neck was pretty much healed by the time I left the hospital, the leg took quite awhile. Several months on a walker then a cane and now absolutely no issues with it. It was hard to reach, so my sister had to come by my house daily to dress the leg wound for maybe 8 weeks or so. They were able to keep my jaw hinge but my bite did not line up properly following. After I had mine done, I saw that Mayo was using a new procedure of fusing that did not include use of the fibula. Certainly worth a look see. I've heard OCN can be extrememly painful in itself so I hope this offers you the relief you are looking for without too much discomfort. I did have trouble lifting my arm but with physical therapy regained full range in a short period of time.  Chemo and rads were much harder on me than this extensive surgery if that is any consulation.    

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Thanks to all for your kind support, and to HWT for the 'voice of experience.'  I'll check into the new fusion procedure to see if I am a candidate for that.  When I told a friend my "Leg bone's connected to the jaw bone" thing, he said "Well, you've been accused of putting your foot in your mouth a lot, so this will give you a head start in the future."

Comedians...I'm surrounded by comedians.



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you nothing but success and a pain free forever after 

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I went back and read your posts from 2011, what a trip you have been on.  It sounds like you have all the info and the results of the procedure are extremely encouraging.

I see they aren’t taking a piece from your “humorous” bone.

Best of luck!


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I know enough about you situation to undestand this has been a vexing  problem for a long time.  And that you've really jumped through hoops trying to work around it and avoid the surgery.  Here's to an uneventful resolution to the problem.  And to a relaxing tip to NZ.  I've got an article to send you that I don't think we've talked about.  PM to you.




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Sorry you have to go through this Mike, I will be praying you get relief and no further gifts.


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