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postoperative myalgia

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Anyone else had this? I had never heard of it, but following my examination under anaesthetic on Monday, I have suffered a lot of pain in my neck, arms, upper abdominal and upper leg muscles. Could barely get out of the car yesterday. getting out of bed (multiple times) overnight was a struggle. I read it is something to do with the muscle relaxant they use. Liz

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I've not heard of this.  I've been anesthetized several times and don't remember it ever happening, but that doesn't mean it's not possible.  I'm sure it would depend on the type of anesthesia used.  I hope you are feeling better soon and that everything looked okay on your exam.

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Hi. so sorry for your discomfort. I was wondering if you know what anesthesia you were given. I am back in school and recently took an AODA class in which we covered both legal and illegal drugs. There was a section on anesthetics and so I went back and found this info......

If the muscle relaxant "succinycholine" has been used during anesthesia, this may in some patients cause generalized aches and pains in the muscles for 2-3 days. This is fairly common and appears on the first day following surgery. The pain is usually located in the neck, shoulder, and upper abdominal muscles. The cause is still not fully understood but believed to be due to uncoordinated contraction of muscles a few seconds before the effect of the drug. It is also more common in young females.

Hopefully you will be on the mend soon......feel better!

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I have noticed a slight improvement in symptoms today. Spoke with consultant's sec earlier today. Suggested I put it in writing so it can be taken up with the anaesthetist.  It has been a really strange experience & it really feels like I have overdone things big time in the gym. Now that NEVER happens. Taking it easy today & hope it has passed by tomorrow. Eihtek, I think the info you found is the same as I read. Thank you both for your concern. The good thing was, & not to be forgotten, is that only scarring seen. Scans due next week. Should know results on 18th. Fingers crossed.


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Sorry you had that reaction, but really glad that they didn't see anything! Prayers for your scans to be good too! Take it easy today and I hope you feel restored tomorrow!

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