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Shooting Pains Normal?

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I had bilateral mastectomy & reconstruction 11 days ago. The discomfort has gotten suddenly worse this evening...shooting pains across one breast and general pain in all incisions. Tylenol isn't quite getting rid of the discomfort.  I did have more activity today than I've had in all the 5 days I've been out of the hospital...had a check up with the plastic surgeon. Could that be why I'm so achy? I overdid it? Could the shooting pains and incisional pain just be healing pains? I have a PICC line and am still on IV Vancomycin so I know I don't have an infection. The plastic surgeon said the side with all the shooting pains is healing beautifully. It wasn't painful when I saw him so I didn't ask about it then. The other side isn't doing so well and I'm having additional surgery Friday to replace the implant with a tissue expander and to remove tissue that has died. There's not enough good tissue left to cover the implant. When the area finally heals, the implant will go back in. But that side isn't where the shooting pain is. Incisions on bad side aren't as uncomfortable as the "good" side either. Could it be because good side is healing fast now and other side is not? Is this how you heal from mastectomy & immediate reconstruction?

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Please Please try to rest, take it easy tomorrow if you will not feel better please call your doctor

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over done it .. Please call your doctor ...  and check in with us with an update when possible.


Vicki Sam

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I am so sorry you are having such a  rough time.  I did not experience shooting pains, but I know my aunt did.  She did exert herself too much.  As for the breast that is not healing, my aunt experienced that as well.  It was very difficult to see her go through that because of how scary it looked, but after time it healed and the implant looked great.  It takes time, but you need to get answers from your doctor.  Don't spend one extra minute worrying about something that a phone call might take care of.  Concentrate on healing.

Hugs and prayers to you.


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