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GabeNAbby Mom Memorial Update

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Double Whammy
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I just sent $400 from us to Linda Simmons' Medical fund. Thank all of you who contributed. I signed everyone's name, although they will be visible only to Lisa. The GoFundME site shows it as anonymous. I will send a card to Karl and the kids with all our names as well. Linda's memorial service is Saturday. I will attend it with a heavy heart. She really touched me.
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Thank you so much Suzanne for doing this!!!  You are the best.  I miss Linda so much and I am so grateful.  Big hugs!!!

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Echoing CC in the thank you and she is so right that you are the best.   Missing Linda so much.  She was such a great woman and truly inspired so many.  She has left a hole in my heart and on this board.

Again,  thank you for all you did, do and will do. 


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Thanks Suzanne for taking the time to establish our love gift, and for representing us at the memorial


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Christmas Girl
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Echoing another post already here... Thank you for all you've done and will do. A nice gift, in memory of Linda, from many of us. Kind and thoughtful - as sweet Linda always was.

Have been thinking of you, Suzanne - aware that Linda's final service is this coming Saturday. Just as you'll take many of us along, within your heart - I'll keep you in mine...

Sending (((hugs))) for comfort and healing.

Kind regards, Susan

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Thank you very much.  You are a kind hearted person.


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