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Pathology Report Tailspin-Thoughts???

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Hello All...Happy to have found this group. I am a newbie and going to provide a little of my background to see if anybody can relate...

I am a 40 year old female, good health, no prior medical issues. I have had side pain since around Jan 2013..thought it was gallbladder. Finally went to GP in July, labwork showed no signs of gallbladder issues but blood in urine. Went for Ultrasound, mass found on upper pole of right kidney. CT performed and confirmed that it was suspicious for RCC. Surgery scheduled.

August  6, 2013 Robot assisted Partial.

August 7, 2013 Discharged from hospital.

August 8,2013 Back in hospital with respiratory issues...UGH Pulmonary Edema no known explanation for that one but it was a real pain.

SO Path Report comes back with following diagnosis:

ccRCC -Tumor Size 5cm-  Stage 2- Positive Surgical Margin- Positive Lymphovascular Invasion

Has anybody else encountered the positive Lymphovascular Invasion and if so what did this mean for you? Any and all info is so appreciated. If anybody has questions for me or any way I can help you, do not hesitate to let me know!

Getting through this with prayer, friends, laughter, and a little zanax as needed:)

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Firstly, I'm sorry you joined the club :(, but relieved you've made it through and are healing.


They sure didn't keep you long in the hospital!  1 night?  Must be because you had the Lap partial.  Your tumor was on the smaller side, so having positive margins and lymph invasion is a surprise actually.  I'm guessing they're going to suggest more surgery to remove more tissue to get clean margins.  When do you see your surgeon for your follow up?  He/she should be able to give you a better idea of what is involved here.  You might need some kind of immunotherapy (but I'm no expert, and really have no clue :p)


Good luck with everything.

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Thank you! My Uro/Oncologists came by when I was in ICU after the premature release from the hospital and said path report looked good. I am scheduled to see him on Thurs 9-6-13....I just happened to get a copy of path report from my GP and see all of the "positives" :) Really feel kind of sucker-punched

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As for your path report, could you possibly post the contents here? My reason for asking this is that your surgeons feedback, that it looked good, doesnt match the description you gave.

I dont want to alarm you, and Im am not a doctor, but positive margins and lymphovascular invasion are two major/independent negative prognostic factors.

Specific information on Positive Lymphovascular Invasion can be found here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23428539

Additional question, what Fuhrman grade is listed in your path report?



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Hi G..thanks for your response. And no worries, I am already alarmed:)

Fuhrman Grade is 2. My doc does not seem very concerned, says that a grade 2 is not going to Met. and surgical margin he is not worried about because he knows that he removed entire capsule in tact.

I will attempt to post photo of path report in a bit since scanner is not cooperating right now.


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