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Dodged that bullet.....NED NED NED!!!  They never called today, and just let me stew some more.....but when I got there the Onc gave me the relieving news.....Now we'll see if my plugged ear stops feeling plugged, or if that's going to be a new part of abi-normal for me.  I can live with it, as long as I know I'm NED NED NED....LOLOLOL.

My next scan is in January.....one a Monday so this weekend crap will never happen again.


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I just started a whole thread asking about you!!!!  So glad to hear the FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!

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Officially... Told ya so! :) Congrats! Happy for ya P!  


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Posts: 4672
Joined: Mar 2012

and not only embrace it but dance it around the table and give it a big ol' kiss, T....I'm frigging giddy right now...LOLOLOL.

I shall now return to my normal self....too.....no more neurosis till the first of the year. Laughing



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So glad to hear the great news...I have my first one in two weeks and am already a little on the anxious side.  I have mine on Monday and get the results on Tuesday morning!!! Again so happy for you!!!



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Great news! So happy for you!  Laughing





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p51, thats SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i love it when we get to dance w/mr. NED!  i'll take u out of my pocket now so you can really dance...lol.  i hope u took a celebration ride on reba.  also glad u out smarted the doc and scheduled next scan for monday  :0)    i don't get any more scans, unfortunately  :0(

jon, wishing u the best w/your scan.  i'm sure, you will also get to met mr. NED!

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I have one big goofy smile on my face.  I am so happy for you, Phrannie!


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A little more NED in the world sure feels good!


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So glad to hear you got happy results. Lately, I have been thinking more about your report more than I ever worroied about mine. Now we can put this chapter behind us all. Yippee!!!

fyi - if you wait for the doctors to calll, may has well take a pacifc ocean cruise first. You'll still get back before thinking they should call you. We'll see how long it takes to get official word from my MO. 


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I'm so happy that you FINALY found out that you are NED ! I know how hard that must have been having to wait so long but I really did feel like you were going to hear NED , just sorry it took so long . Now I can start worring about my Scan that is coming up at MD Anderson on Oct 2nd , but I will see the Doctor the next morning so maybe only one sleepless night ! Iam going to say you will meet NED again in January , so I can say I told you so like "T" did !!!

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Oh P !

I am so happy to hear your news.....NED !  Celebrate....celebrate dance to the music !  Think this was Sly and the Family Stones or was it Three Dog Night...hee-hee doesn't matter.... I'm stealing it for all of us !  Congrads girl !  Katie

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I am happy for u P. Hope to see more NED in the future and may more angels be watching upon you.

Gonna stay positive ya.  Cheers n GBU.


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WTG sista, now ride, ride like a wild woman...


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wait is over~~I rejoice every time I see a Ned, especially for the kin I started my journey withKiss

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I just came here to check on you!

My husband's first post-treatment PET scan was originally scheduled for this coming Friday the 13th! I said, "no way! You change that" to my husband. He asked if I was being superstitious and I said, "I'm not waiting through the weekend for the results." Changed to Tuesday the !7th.

Don, when's yours?


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I just logged in to see if you'd gotten word. So glad NED is the word you got!!!

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we went out to dinner tonight to celebrate....Mexican food....my old time favorite.  These days I'd rather Chinese, but hubby isn't crazy about it....what the heck.....it's fun celebrating with food no matter where we go, right Smile


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Congrats on the NED News!  Sounds like  you had a bad case of scanxiety, but it turned out well in the end--that's all that matters.



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Way to go girl!! I would have expected nothing less. Enjoy your great news.



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So glad you finally got the results. I don't know how much longer I could have held my breath! I hate it so when all of you have the scanxiety and then have to wait & wait for the results.



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The same with me my left ear was plugged after treatment so had to get a tube put in it; just part of the new normal you. I am happy you and Ned are still together what a great relationship.



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See, scanziety will drive you nuts!!  I just got a clear yesterday from my ENT so I'm sharing your jig... Really glad to hear you are eating well.


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Glad to hear all is well with you.  NED, NED.... I agree about the Chinese vs Mexican...

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Congrats to both of you! Now celebrateSmile

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Congrats Phrannie!! I am checking in after 9 months, and I still remember you gratefully for all the advise and support you had given. 

phrannie51's picture
Posts: 4672
Joined: Mar 2012

waking up this morning without the weight of the scan hanging over my head....energy came back, and got out of bed with a smile on my face.  I'm feelin' mighty fine this day.

I probably have said it before.....but don't mind repeating myself.............YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!


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Hey lady,  you deserve a Happy Dance!  so thankful for your news and the peace you have!  Many blessings girl,


p.s.  I joined about a month ago and you have been very inspirational and a little lifesaver of mine! you suggested the mugard for my mouth/oral regimen...definitely has been a God send. I have only four seasons left and the symptoms have been minimum since I started using it.  Thank you so much!  very grateful!

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Jan Trinks
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Now that's the news we love hearing.  Keep up the good work.



Jan (Basketcase)

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the great news.

I am getting anxious. Rob's scan is on the 16th and they said we would have prelim results that day.

Not only am I nervous about that but for 10 days I have been a, for lack of a better term, a Hormonal mess. Turns out my Synthroid may be too high and I have been, depressed, crying, panicky, depressed, scared. Hell you name any mental problem and I have had it.

Read a story of a young boy that lost his battle with Osteosarcoma back in may and the legacy of his music, his goodbyes to family and friends. Watched a video called my last days, about him and have grieved for this poor boy and his family since. Not sure why this one story hit me like a ton of bricks. But has made me ask why? I know we should never ask why but I am struggling with it. 

I am tired of this disease taking people from us and praying for a cure will ahppen soon. 


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jim and i
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Giving thanks for the great news!



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Girl, great news

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Congrats!!!! Awesome news!


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