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More (after tx) dental comments :)

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Well, long story short...my onc dropped the ball and didn't call my dentist back, or consult with the other doctor, or call me back, or do anything he said he would.  I had to verbally give the other doctor permission to make decisions for me. So, my dentist got in touch with the other onc who decided to let me go ahead and do the dental work that I so desperately need done!  I get my root canal THIS THURSDAY and I get my extraction (it's less than half a tooth left) on 9/18.  Both are on the opposite side of where I had surgery/rads and then I have 4 cavities to get filled.  Once I'm done, I hope everyone can leave my poor mouth ALONE for a while :)  I'll let y'all know how the procedures go!  


Side note:  My rad onc has let me down time and time again.  How long do I have to keep seeing him?  I know I haven't been done that long, but I've had THREE appointments with him since I finished rads on 6/21.  Two of those he wasn't even there.  I'm supposed to go back in November but honestly, I have NO desire to see that man again.  I see my ENT in November as well and he is the one that does my "check ups".  Can I not drop this rad onc?

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You can drop any of them whenever you want or when their behavior dictates.

Both my rad and chemo onc pushed me out of the nest at 9 months, oh well, most of the thrill and excitement was over.

I am glad you are getting your teeth taken care of.  Having a mouth full of issues cannot be good for you either.  Just make sure everyone is onboard, you do not want to jeopardize your health.

My rad onc had to hear directly from my dentist before treatment began.

Keep smiling,


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...make sure everyone is on board if you're going in for dental work (especially the extraction)....I honestly couldn't understand why your RO thought an infected tooth, or possible abcess was preferable to dental work....doesn't make sense, abcesses can become systemic.

Does your RO do all your blood work and stuff?  If not, then I don't see why you have to keep going back to him.  I haven't seen my Rad guy since last March, and have no appointments for the future.....just see my Onc and my ENT now.  Once they pull my port, the Onc will only be every 4 to 6 months.


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on the same page.  The other rad onc (the one I like) is the one who stepped up and got me the PEG that I needed so badly.  He's rescued me more than once :)  He went over my chart (even though he knows me) and was happy to give me total clearance.  My rad onc just basically ignored all of the messages and phone calls and left for yet ANOTHER 2 week vacation.  


I've only had blood work twice, by the rad onc and the main onc.  My ENT says I won't need scans or bloodwork or to see an onc unless I just want to.  He (my ent) is going to handle all my "exams" from here on out.  The rad onc says I HAVE to see him the same times I see the ent.  I'm going to say "no" to that and drop him.  If I truly need an oncologist, I'll go back to the one I originally saw.   


It's just so frustrating to have to battle with someone who is SUPPOSED to be taking care of you. 

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Hi Tracy, I was praying for you and YES prayers answered.  Am happy for you as scheduled appt wt your dentist for the root canal n extraction is arranged.  Personally I felt doctor need to listen to the patient and hack that RO.  Stay put with the RO (the one you like)  as I felt one must be comfortable with the doctor as I believe communications also plays a part in recovery. Pls keep us posted.


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tracy,  glad the work is finally scheduled.  i hope it won't b too painful !!!  let us know how u do.  btw, i only see my ent for ckups.


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I saw my rad onc just once or twice after I finished my treatment.  It's the H&N surgeon I see now.  He orders the PET scans and scopes me for more tumors.  The only reason I would contact my rad onc would be to get more pain meds.  But then I don't have any pain so goodbye to him.  I did like him a lot though.


Ask your ENT.



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Going into my fifth year post Tx, my ENT has always been my lead and still is....

I do see my onco twice a year, she follows up on my blood work (keeping an eye on the thyroid), and orders my scans.

The first year when I was seeing my other MD's every six to eight weeks, I saw my rads MD twice, once at six months once again at one year... He actually cut me loose....

No need to keep up with him if you have an actively involved ENT, and someone is following up on your scans and blood work.



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