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Had my thyroid removed in July due to pallimary cancer. I haven't seen a endo yet my appointment is in October. I was prescribed 100 mcg of levothyroxine after surgery. Just got my first blood work back. My Free T4: 1.2 and TSH: 0.065. Doctor thinks that is to low. She changed it 88mcg I only weigh about 118 is this a normal dose for some one my size after thyroid cancer?

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Dosage levels vary greatly from person to person. Weight seems to sort of be a factor but not definitive. I started off at .175 and am now at .138. i weigh about 150. My TSH is managed to be around .03 or .01 but this is due to mine being a complicated case.  Most thyca patients have TSH levels higher than that.

Everyone metabolizes levothyroxine differently which i believe is one major reason why dosages vary so widely, even among people of similar weights.

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