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We as patients tend to think that we are the passive sufferers of our disease and there are the nurses, the doctors, the scientists, the lab technicians who are just doing their job coming up with new treatment options, trying them out on animals and trials then on the public. We don't realize that these are not two independent groups, but one integrated interdependent team that are working together for greater and grater success and we as patients play a very important role in this success.

While going through our journey we give invaluable information to the professionals who have the skills, knowledge, dedication and the financial resources (most of it our own contribution) to come up with better and better diagnostics and treatments.

For example the achievements of the current technology and medications are undoubtedly due to the dedication, perseverance, intelligence and hard work of tens of thousands of professionals and patients. The power of the human mind took us this far and will take us much further if we all try a little harder and stay engaged. 

The greatest achievement in human history: from the pyramids to astronomy, art, antibiotics, vaccines, spaceships, painkillers, Internet are due to the interactions and cooperation of millions of people, where every individual plays an important role in the success. It's like voting. Does your single vote matter amongst the tens of millions of votes. At first look it is just one drop in the ocean. But guess what. The oceans are made of tiny droplets too. 

Where I'm going with this is that us patients need to realize our own importance in this game. Participate in raising awareness by telling people around us to live healthier, get health insurance if they don't have it and check ups regularly. Let our doctors know and each other our symptoms, concerns and experiences, so those that are qualified and able can make improvements. 

I believe in the infinite power of the collective human mind and spirit, but it only works if we all get and stay engaged.