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Somewhat silly question for the ladies who've had a Neph

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In particular an Open surgery:  how long before you could wear a bra? Sealed.  I'm, ahem, large busted and cannot stand being braless.  I'm concerned that my open scar will prevent me from donning undergarments.  How far up the side does the incision go?  Can I wear a front closure style?  I gather pulling clothes over my head will be painful, so that rules out sports bras, and no way am I asking my family to help me wear the back closure ones.  Any insight to share?



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From just under breasts to about 4 cms under navel (about 30cm) and didn't have any trouble with a bra after about a week. Hope this helps. Good luck with your surgery.


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I had an open neph just under my diaphragm going down my left side. I don't remember having a lot of issues for short term wear. I did buy bra extender hooks because I wasn't sure if I would be swollen after. They did come in handy to keep it more comfy. The roughest is your first week, after that dressing etc. can be easily managed. God bless.

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I have had a lot of surgeries including a partial pancreatectomy and splenectomy with a midline incision. It was a difficult surgery bc I lost a lot of blood . which left me very week. I also have a lot of pain in the pancreas area...but not so much incisionally. I never had trouble putting on a bra.

I am thinking that with a "side" or "flank" incision it is going to be a whole other ball game. I actually just was wondering the same thing. Most sports bras do go over your head, and that doesn't sound very appealing with my side cut (including muscles). So I bought a Warner's (?) Barely There in a band size bigger so it will be looser. 

I think this is a great question, and I hope someone will weigh in that has had the side or flank incision. Thank you though for the input.


Take care,

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Yes Amazing that I am the first guy to volunteer to hold those babies up for you while you heal...!  Glad you got a real answer from some of our better "halfs" in here.. Good Luck..!!

Ron :)

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hi rainsandpours, no issues here either for bras but what i did get was nice comfy yoga pants to wear afterwards and nice lose tops.  they were my saviour...about a week or so after the surgery my side started to itch like crazy with the healing and they helped.  i was wearing a bra a day or two after the op because the way i looked at it was...i might look like shite but i want something to look ok!!!  honestly its not painful and if you just fasten them at the front and turn it around i promise you will be grand....

eims x


ps...trust you ron Wink

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Hi Eims.. trust me..?? ha ha ha...  you are funny..!  OK, guess the real point is that the pain for me, and most is down low... not up high, as I recall..  I had no issues with my arm movements or putting on T Shirts.


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Thank you for the replies! It's a relief to know the "girls" will be supported hehe.  I've already got a bunch of yoga pants and leggings, which I live in currently anyway.  They came in handy when I had my Lap gallbladder removal in May.


Good idea about buying a bit larger- I think I'll pick up a few without underwire.

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I had no problems with putting on a bra, cause my surgeon was good enough to put the top two lap incisions low enough the band doesn't/didn't bother me.  However......he put the largest incision vertical smack dab across my waistline!  So I bought lots of cheapy yoga pants and shorts with the roll down waist band.  It has healed, more or less, but I still can't wear anything tight around my waist.  Thank God for the "big shirts", empire waist dresses, and yoga pants! LOL

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