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Must admit

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Have to admit that this is the most anxiety ever about a scan, probably because it's to track a nodule in my lung. All the PET scans, cat scans, x-rays, scopes, probes that I have gone through the past 4 years or so you would think would put some steel in my backbone, but but this one's got me worried. 8am in the machine tomorrow, 9am in the doctors office. I feel fine except for the nerves. Wish me luck. Denis

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denis, i'm so sorry u r so anxious.  i undetstand b/c i've been waiting on ct results of my lungs as well.  had the ct last friday.  i will be praying for you!  take some deep breaths and try to stay busy so u have less free time 2 worry.  let us know what u find out.


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Posts: 587
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Thanks Deb, have to be up at 6am and leave by 6:40. it's about a 50 minute drive to the hospital. I have an appointment with the radiologist and the pulmonary doctor about 45 minutes after the scan, hopefully they will be able to give me the results right then, not sure. At Penn State Hershey that's often the way it is, same day results. Gonna take a nerve pill and hit the sack by ten tonight, I know I will sleep, also know my dear wife won't. Denis

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Good thoughts and prayers coming your way.  

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Positive thoughts and prayers


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I’ve got all most a full tank of anti-scanxiety and you are welcome to it.’

Wishing you the best scan and good results possible.


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for your anxiety and for ONLY good news!! 

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be with you in spirit, best of luck

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Hoping you hear good news. :-)

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emphasize with you.  Some scans are just scarier than others....and we don't know why exactly.  I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers....and tucking you into my pocket for safe keeping. 


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You're probably on the road already.  That's the worst part the traveling.  I just turn on a good old rock station and go with it.  A steel backbone hunh ?  I think each and everyone that has come as far as you have that and more my friend !  Keep us posted, will be keeping you in my thoughts today !   Katie 

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Hey Denis,


Hopefully by the time you read this it will all be over and done with.  With all the positive energy flowing your way I'm guessing that you'll be A-Okay.


Now I need to concentrate harder on those vibes ~~~~~~~~~



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