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Turning 60 today and happy to be getting older!

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Pamela B
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Hello ladies, celebrating life by turning 60 today. Never thought I would be so happy to get older but it has been a hell of a year!  This has already been the most wonderful birthday ever.  Thank you all for your support, guidance, wisdom and information along the way.  It has helped me navigate through this maze of treatment and recovery.  Finished IP chemo for stage 3C three months ago and feeling mostly great!  Getting used to the new normal of neuropathy and short hair.  Still have a bad day now and then, but otherwise happy and healthy and ready to get on with a life that was stalled before my diagnosis.  I am more alive, grateful, and present in life than I was before. Can good things come out of bad?  I think so!

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Each birthday is truly a gift to celebrate - even moreso when we are able to put so much behind us, and look forward to each new day!




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We who have been diagnosed with cancer know how precious each day, each month and each year is.  May you have many more years of health and happiness!


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Hearty Pioneer
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Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating 60 happy years!!

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Happy living!

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Happy Birthday! I hope you had a day just as special as you are!



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2timothy1 7
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HappyBirthday. Would never of guessed you to be 60! Enjoy your day!

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I was diagnosed 2 months shy of my 55th birthday, and one of the expert oncologists I saw assured me I had a maximum 5 year life expectancy.  A year ago, I celebrated my 60th birthday in France - a wonderful vacation.  I'm nowhere near done!  (Oh, and I fired that onc, and worked with one who assured me that I'd be around for a while.)

Yes, the 60th birthday is a glorious landmark!


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I hope to be congratulating you on your 65th in 5 year's time. Here's to a long run for us all.

All the best,


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It is ok to get one year older. Celebrate big time....Val 

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