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Hello my dearest friends (minor check in)

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Hi there! Smile

I have been a little MIA lately due to school, Kyle finishing his last round of CHOPE, and preparing for his SCT. He officially finished his last round on August 23rd. Woo hoo! No more CHOPE cocktail. So I had to make him a little certificate. Haha.

He is leaving for Presbyterian St. Luke's Colorado Blood Cancer Institute in Denver, CO September 10th-November 5th (estimated time frame). Majority of the time, I will be going every weekend to be with him because I will still be in school still. However, it's just going to be Diesel and I taking care of the fort at home. Haha. Kyle keeps telling Diesel, "You know your going to be the man of the house Diesel." Uh huh...my little monkey boy (Diesel).

This upcoming week, he has his PET scan on Tuesday (September 3rd) and bone marrow biopsy Wednesday (September 4th). We have our follow-up for results on Monday, September 9th. So the jitters are somewhat starting to set in. I did not realize these days would come so soon... I am just praying for the absolute best. Physically, Kyle is doing so well. He looks so much better than we first started this journey and he even states that he feels "good." We just got done doing 3 hours of yard work. Goodness! He wouldn't have been able to do any of that when he first was diagnosed. I don't want to sound over-confident nor do I want to "jinx" us however, I really do believe though that the chemo has destroyed it all. It just has to have, by the looks of Kyle (right now, Kyle is making nachos because he is "starving" (that doesn't happen with lymphoma partying in the human body) haha)) I am just going to stick to complete remission until, the day comes. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I plan to stick on this website for a long time. However, for means of Kyle's family and friends (including, you all, as you are truly a part of our family) to see how his progress is going as he embarks on his next journey with the SCT. Please feel free to check it out, write in his guestbook, or simply for a some reading.


I cannot wait for next year, to be able to look back, and say, "remember when?..." I cannot wait to share Kyle's story with so many other individuals who are recently diagnosed looking for answers, hope, or inspiration. I cannot wait for us to be back to "us." I cannot wait for us to move on with our lives, our careers, and our family. I understand that after cancer, life will never be the same. Yet, it's the mere thought of not having to truly worry, worry. Fear will be there, yes. However, I vow to not allow fear run our lives. Life is too beautiful.

This is our most recent picture. We had a family vacation with his family about 2 weeks ago. His mother insisted that we take family pictures. Kyle was not to kin on the idea and I do not blame him yet, he's a trooper.

I hope everyone is doing absolutely amazing as you ALL deserve it.




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     Thank you so much for the update.  Time sure is flying by isn't it?  It must be so difficult to have to face what lies ahead now that Kyle is back to his old self healthwise.  I know how we felt when we were contemplating an SCT for Bill (his circumstances are different tho).  I feel for you but know that you are both tough and have such a positive attitude.  I will keep you both and the doctors in my prayers of course, as I know all of us will.  You definitly will be able to look back and say "remember when?"  True, cancer does change us but we are able to live our life pretty much as before.  We have become more compassionate, more appreciative and thankful and most of all many of us closer to our Creator.  Even though we don't know what lies in our future, we do know one thing, today we are cancer free, what a blessing that is.  We have all worried so much for you two, and of course we still do but you have an encouraging story to share and I know many have and will benefit from it. Helping others helps our healing.

     I think one of the most difficult things for Kyle is going to be to say goodbye to Diesel.  We're such suckers for those dear creatures aren't we?  I'm just glad you will be able to go on the weekends, but I know that will be difficult too.  Take care both of you, and we look forward to keeping up with Kyle's recovery.

My very very very best, Becky

BTW, I know Kyle doesn't like it, but to us in the cancer family, we love the recovery picture!


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Michelle and Kyle,

Loved reading the update.  It sounds like things are moving a great direction and I am so happy for both of you!!  So much of what you wrote rings true with my wife and me as well.  I wish you the best of luck heading into SCT.  I'll be right behind you as I'm scheduled to go in for my SCT late September/October depending on my PET/CT scans from this upcoming week.

I'll keep you guys in my prayers.


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Hi Michelle,

  You and Kyle are such a beautiful couple..love the picture of the two of you! I so wish Kyle didn't have to do the SCT, but I have a feeling he is going to do just fine. So far he has done really well,so we will think only good positive thoughts that all will go well with this also. I love the certificate you made. Your such a wonderful sweet caring wife. My prayers will be with you both...keep us posted. Take care, and much love, Sue. Kiss

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It is great to see you both doing so well and feeling so positive. I love those smiles!

Big hugs to you both. . .



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