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traumatic neuroma

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I couldn't help myself......I googled cartoid artery and radical neck dissections.  I was pleasantly surprised with the articles from specialists I found.  non-neoplastic exaggerated response to nerve injury....showing up 1-2 yrs after surgery.  (rare-not everyone will experience it)  Simply put my nerve endings are trying to regenerate, and are being blocked from scar tissue, which in turn causes inflammation.  I printed off the info. for my primary, and it should show up in a simple ultra-sound, or CT of the area.  Will know more on Wednesday.  Anyone else experienced anything like this ?  And I know googling or self diagnois is not the best policy.....but has put my mind at rest !  Katie

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on you Smile.  Googling is against the rules!  But now that it's done, I sure am glad you found something positive!


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Ever since my first surgery in 2010, I have been trying to figure out the reason for the pain in my face.  This makes sense.

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Google can be your friend or enemy. 

There was a woman on a health anxiety site that had a breast duct infection. She was convinced she had breast cancer. If you Google breast cancer, you'll convince yourself you have it, especially if you suffer from HA. However, if you Google breast duct infection, you'll see that the doctors were spot on in their diagnosis. 

I suggest, if you must Google, Google the positive aspects of what you're Googling!


PS... there's just one letter difference between "breast" and "beast" ;)  Guys... remember this when texting your loved one! ~lol~

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LOL, OK..sorry T's comment took me somewhere else...

As T mentioned, for the newbies, Google can be a nightmare, for those of us that realize we have to choose carefully what we believe and read, Goolge can be a weath of info.


I can guarantee that you are plenty educated on your disease and cancer now than you were coming in.




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Yes I have experienced that too, I Google how to clean crab and it was a simple.

I am glad you are little more upbeat with your recent information.  All this stuff can weigh heavy on us.  Once you have been around the block a few times it is easier to know what information you can trust.

Happy Googling,


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