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Checking In

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Glad to be done
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Hi All..  Just wanted to check in and let you know I did not fall off the face of the earth.  Things have been CRAZY.  I got a new job, school started, sports are in high gear, etc.

First the job...While sick, as you all kno, we spend AlOT of time in doctor's offices.  I grew to like all the woman who worked in each of the offices I visited on a weekly/monthly basis.  I thought it would be fun to work at an office.  so when we moved here one of the jobs I searched for was in the medical offices.  Well it was tuff since I did not have the experience in insurance billing.  I applied for a job as a Patient Care Coordinator on a whim thinking I wouldn't get the job AND I DID....  I a the Patient Care Coordinatoar for a practie of 2 hearing specialists.  I work with the patients that come in to get them all set up with apps, make sure all paperwork in the file is complete, run insurance if need be and work  with them right on through to purchase of hering aides if they need them..  It is a great job.  I absolutely adore the couple that I work for.  Bonus is it is in the same complex where my husband works so we can have lunch together. 

Schol has started and with that comes sports.  Both of my boys are running cross country this year.  Which means practice pick ups and meets...  I am always on the go.  I love it.

I have my first breast MRI on friday morning.  Hope all goes well with that.

I hope you all have a fantastic labor day weekend.  It was raining when I woke up this morning but has stopped and I think the sun may come out today.



Rosamond M
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What great news! You have certainly managed to show that this disease does not always

mean that life is no longer for living.You have thrown yourself right back into it and deserve

great admiration and congratulations.

All power to you!!

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Hearty Pioneer
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I am glad you got a new job.  It sounds fun, helping patients.

My youngest is in high school football and band.  So, I understand the running around.  We go from event to event too.


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I am so thrilled that you are living a happy, fullfilled, and "normal" life!  For the women who are in the middle of treatment and chemo side-effects, you are living proof that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel!

Wishing you good results with your breast MRI.



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Have a great long week-end.

Many hugs,       


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Pamela B
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Ellen, Sending good thought and prayers that the MRI is clear.  So proud of you for finding such a wonderful filled with compassion. With your positive outlook on life and energy you can't lose.

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So good to hear how well you are doing.  Congratulations on that new job!  Sounds like you're perfect for it!  Remebering when my three girls were in school - activities kept us in constant motion, and even though it could get crazy at times, I prefered to be moving.  Now, with two grandsons, two jobs, etc., etc., I don't want to stop participating in life!

Sending prayers and hugs for continued strength and joy!



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2timothy1 7
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Glad you are doing so well!

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It's good to hear about those of us who are past treatment and back to enjoying life. I miss the days of kids' sports...they are precious and I'm glad you get to participate fully. My children are 23 and 20 and both at college, so I am empty nested....can't say I like that much, but I'm adjusting. Staying NED would help, for sure.

Good luck on your breast mammogram. Let us know the results.


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kimberly sue 63
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Glad to hear you are adjusting in your new environment and a whole new job to boot. There is life after chemotherapy!!! best to you!!

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