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1 wk post-op: Surgical complications

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Home temporarily after 7 days in hospital for double mastectomy and reconstruction Aug. 23, 2013. Have PICC line and visiting nurse to administer IV Vancomycin and wound care. Trying to save dying tissue and skin before 2nd surgery to debried area scheduled for Sept 6, 2013. One side is fine. The other looks so bad it almost makes me want to faint when I see it in the mirror. How can I ever recover from this awful wound? Any of you had this happen? Don't understand why one side is perfect and other is totally opposite.


New Flower
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Welcome to the CSN ccommunity I am sorry for your ccomplications you will recover from you wwounds do you it nutritious meals? It is very important to drink a lot liquids and eat

is that a cancer side which is not healing? Did you have radiation?

Please believe in yourself the improvement is coming soon hugs 

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Thanks for your reply. The cancer side is fine. It's the other side that looks like the surgery was done with a chain saw. Shockingly gory. Of course I know some of the tissue is dead, but it all looks like it is dying. Never expected this. No radiation. My husband takes great care of me so I'm eating and drinking fine. Glad to be home, even though I'm still on IV antibiotics. Really upset about having to go back into the hospital for another surgery Friday.

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So sorry to hear that you are experiencing these complications.  I can't remember if I have ever seen anyone here post about this happening to them.  It sounds like a very unusual occurence and you have my prayers that it is resolved soon.


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My prayers are with you for a successful healing after your next surgery.  Keep us posted.


Lynn Smith
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I didn't have a masectomy but my mom, niece and sister did.Mom was so many years ago she was really chopped up.I remember the scar being from her shoulder almost down to her stomach.She was only 21 years old when dx,Lived to be 81.I think then they were really agressive.For your problem side I would think the bresat cancer side would be the worst. My sister did some complaining after her double mascetomy(cancer on both sides)BUT most of that was her reconstrurcton she wasnt happy with.

Hopefully  Friday things get straightened out.I guess your doctor feels a need to go back in. Hope it inmpoves and prob what your doctors intentions are

Will be thinking of you. Want you to see some improvement.It's still to soon after surgery. 

Lynn Smith 

Susi F
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I pray that your doctor gets this worked out and you become healthy again very soon.  My heart goes out to you as you trvel this difficult journey but remember you are not alone...God is always with you. 

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no experience not advice but thinking of you


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I had a bilateral mast with reconstruction on 5-15-13. I did not have problems. I am sorry you are going through this. Ask your dr (PS) about it, I am sure they will fix it. Try to hang in there. Good Luck.


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I am so sorry that you are having complications!!!  Sending big hugs and prayers!!!

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I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 12 Sep 2013.   One of the drains became blocked, and I developed an infection which put me back in hospital for 5 days.  I came out with a PICC line and on vancomycin.

I was curious as to how long you were on the vancomycin, and if you have any lingering side effects from it?  How's the healing going?

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