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Clear Cell 3C- Just finished chemo

His grace
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Trying to not think about it too much but enjoy life.  Totally content with my life before I was diagnoseed in Feb. 2013. 


Just finished chemo last week and CT Scan in 2 weeks.  It stinks that everything I hear or read is so negative and extra grim with clear cell.


Holding on hope that I am not a statistic.  I am in God's hands and plans for me. 

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I am clear cell 3c.  I heard the same negative stats as well.  However, I was diagnosed May, 18, 2011 (date of surgery)  I underwent 6 rounds of carbo/taxol.  I enjoyed about 7 months of NED.  A petscan showed recurrence is about 5 different lymph nodes, mostly around my chest.  After 3 rounds of cistplatin/taxol, a  hospital stay with pneumonia, I changed doctors.


Scans showed that the nodes were indeed increasing in size after those 3 rounds.  My new dr. said I was platin resistant, and put me on Doxil as a single agent.  After 4 rounds I was pronounced stable.  I had 4 more rounds.  I had scans earlier this week.  (3 weeks after my 8th round of Doxil).  I am still stable.  My dr. is very pleased.  He plans to keep me on this every 4 weeks, with scans after probably every 4 rounds.  (he said doxil is a little slower at working).


I am always very scared when it's time for scans.  I jsut wanted to offer you home.  It's been a little over 2 years for me now, but I have a good quality of life. I live alone, will be teaching part time this school year. 


I have come to realize that I do better mentally when I tell myself that I have a chronic disease.  That seems to soothe my mind better than the C word. 


Best wishes to you.    Carla

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So glad that you have finished chemo.  It's a relief to finish, yet at the same time, I know how difficult it is to not think about a recurrence.  Enjoy each day and try not to read too much about cancer, especially on-line.  Lots of the information is outdated.  As one of our teal sisters has said, you are a statistic of one!

Take care,


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The hardest part is behind you. Everything will work out, just take it one day at a time.

Good luck with your CT scan.


Virtual hugs,


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