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advice needed

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Hi there i would be grateful for anyone's advice. I have recently discovered a large lump on my left thigh. My surgeon said the MRI shows its just a fatty lump but needs to come out anyway becasue of its size - it about 12cm long by 6 cm across. I had Breast cancer in 1997 and just feel there may be more to this that meets the eye - my surgeon is  a Plastic surgeon not an Oncologist. Even though the MRI shows fatty lump coul dit still turn out to be a Sarcoma. Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved. Thanks

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i have also a big lump in my left thigh it is mpnst but financially incapable to undergo treatmenr.if you have the resourses go while there's still time


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Try to apply for medicaid

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They can't discover everything about a lump just by scanning it. I had a lump on my thigh and had multiple scans and saw a variety of doctors, but they weren't sure what they'd find until they opened me up. The pathology came back positive for liposarcoma. Because it was low grade, it wasn't obvious in the scans. I'm very glad it was removed while it remained a low grade liposarcoma as my prognosis is much better. My advice: make sure they do a thorough pathology of the tissue they remove. (I previously had two lipomas removed from my back, and no pathology was done on either.)

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thanks, ive had the lump removed just waiting for the path results !!

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I also had a lump in my left thigh, had it removed by a plastic surgeon because it was growing and becoming uncomfortable.  I had had a ultra sound, told me nothiing to worry about.  Dr. call it was a leomyosarcom, a rare cancer.  That was 2 years ago this coming Jan.  I did 6 weeks radiation and started having 3 month CT scans.  Last spring a couple nodules showed up on my lungs, next scan two more.  I went to Sloene Kettering in NYC yesterday for a counseltion.  Definately are mets, can't be cured but hope to control with chemotherapy.  They are very small but sounds like I will be dealing with chemo the rest of my life.  I am glad you had the lump removed and hope you get better news that I did.

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