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Tuesday is Hubby's Birthday.  Our younger Son flew in for the weekend yesterday.  Neither of us knew he was coming til he was at the airport calling to be picked up.  GREAT only slight problem was I was in recovery from eye surgery and Hubby was out of cell range (we have lots of areas with no cell here).  We got him and it is great to see him!  Haven't actually seen him since May 2010 (after I finished TX and he moved away) though we talk a lot.

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what a wonderful surprise.  hope you have a fantastic visit.


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Double Whammy
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Knowing how much my kids mean to me, I can't imagine a nicer birthday present.



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Can't think of a nicer surprise. warms your heart doesn't it...Have a wonderful weekend hope it goes nice and slooooow for ya.

Take care


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Sounds like a bday gift for the both of you. Enjoy him and have a great bday celebration.

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What a wonderful gift. Wishing you a fantastic weekend together.


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I can identify because my son lives states away.  It is wonderful to see them when there's a chance.  Enjoy every minute.  Linda

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What a wonderful suprise present for your husband's birthday (and a very pleasant surprise for you as well!!!)!!!! I can't imagine how excited you and your husband must have been to get that phone call to pick him!!!!

Talking a lot and keeping in touch is certainly amazing across the miles, but actually seeing your son must have been utterly fantastic!!!!

So glad to hear your super surprise news!

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Our sons live states away too. But the difference is we plan on 'wintering' down there with them. While we are in the north we talk on the phone weekly. If we lived in the same city we probably would see less of them.

It's nice when all of you get together. Happy birthday to your DH.


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I am thrilled for you, and your hubby!    Enjoy each, and every second of this visit.


Vicki SamInnocent

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sorry, double post ... 


Vicki SamInnocent

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That was a wonderful surprise...I'm sure you'll be giving him lots of hugs...

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Brilliant.  Enjoy.

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