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taxotere induced diarrhea

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any suggestions for significant diarrhea due to chemo (probably taxotere)?  I have been suffering since tuesday.  been taking diphenoxylate whatever that is without any relief.  Don't know what to eat, not that i can keep most things down anyhow.  only round two, pretty depressing.


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My father has had horrible diarrhea from Folfox. The doctors have called in so much, nothing really helping. Make sure you stay hydrated(gatorade) so that you don't become hydrated. My father is following a BRAT diet (actually for kids with diarrhea). He mainly is eating Bananas, Apples, apples sauce, steame brown rice bowls, toast, and chicken/beef broth.  He does this on chemo days.  Hope this might help a little :)

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yes, hydration is critical.  they took one look at me staggering about and started a 3 hour saline drip.  It came on too fast and too continuous for me to do it myself properly.  They also gave me lomotril (wrtten about loving by  couple others in this forum) and a rump shot of sandostatin (depot form).  that has gotten the diarreha under control at least as far as frequency, but no means have eliminated it.  I cannot deal with rice or toast due to the tumor (I guess), but am slowly learning about all the smoothy alternatives out there.  I try very hard to eat solid foods whenever I can get them down. That was week two.  Hopefully I am better prepared for week 3, done this am.  

Whatever, I am half way through the chemo!!

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I've been fighting the chemo induced runs for the last 4-5 days. The suggestions above are good ones. The meds your doctor is giving you (lamoltial) is what I take. It might take a couple days for it to help but it at least controls the need to go.  You need to keep taking it on a time table for a few days.  I've also been trying to follow the brat diet suggestions.  The stool is still runny but its at least only a few times a day now.  the dr also suggested to use something like gas ex for cramping and the gas.  Get hydration iv if you need it. I've been in the hospital for a few days because of dehydration a couple different times.

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