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I wanted to thank you

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I am from the colorectal board, I came to you over a year ago to ask questions for my sister-in-law who had become stage IV with breast cancer, she was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago, and with reoccurance almost two years ago that was diagnosed as the Stage IV. She lived a good life, three or so years ago she married the love of her life though too short and she spent her last years and days happy with him by her side.  She passed away this morning.

I thank you for your words of wisdom, your advice, your kinship and your help that you gave us when I came to you.  I thank you so much for all that you did.

Winter Marie

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My heart and prayers are with you and the rest of the family.

My God's comfort and peace fall on you as she rests in His arms.


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extended family, and loved ones.  Rest in Peace dear Sister.


Vicki Sam

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Bella Luna
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Winter Marie... so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister in law.  Glad to hear the last chapter of her life was filled with love.  How wonderful to hear she married the love of her life. 

God bless you and the family.

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yet happy that her last years were filled wih love.
Hugs and prayers,

New Flower
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It is very sad to loose a sister to breast cancer. My thoughts are with their family and husband 

i am glad that you have found much needed support and wisdom here at BC board.


Lynn Smith
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After being dx 20 years and having it come back so aggressive has to be hard.Not for just the cancer patient but family and friends.That would be the hardest thing for me and it's something I worry about and sure many others It's only been 4 years for me. Seems like a long four years and other times time seems fast.I just know my life has forever changed.

Sorry for the loss of your sister in law.Glad this Board was able to help you with your the shocking news that your sister-in-law cancer came back so aggressive.  Very happy she found the love of her life.Just wish she would've lived a much  longer life with him and family

Lynn Smith  

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So tragic for you after all you have been going through yourself. I was thrilled to see you visit our board but I am hating the reason. Take care of yourself. Love ya!


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