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I just want to say that the people who post on this Board inspire me very much! Thanks for sharing your stories of courage and journeys to wellness! We can do this!

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I totally agree with you.  I come here every morning to read what's up.  I know I don't post a lot but I hope that when I do I can help in the same way that so many of you have helped me and others.  We are in this together.

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I think support from others who have been down this road is SO important.

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Yes I agree, you all inspire me as well !

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I learned back in the early 90's from an Oncologist in Seattle that survival rates are much higher among those cancer patients who have support groups and utilize them. Certainly the quality of life is higher! I am really grateful and privileged to have all of you in my life. I remember him saying that 70% of cancer patients die because they don't want to live. When we feel all alone it is too overwhelming.



Posts: 1122
Joined: Aug 2012

Sandy, that is interesting. I wonder what the biological basis for that is? I am thinking maybe people who are alone have poor nutrition and maybe less ability to get to a doctor when they are sick? I know when I was raising my child, there were many days that I was feeling very sick, but could not get to a doctor. Life was just too busy. People who live alone just don't have someone there to care for them and drive to the gorcery store, doctors, etc.

At any rate, this is my support group right now...so don't anyone leave ....lol

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I may not leave many posts but I've read MANY.  You all have help me in many ways.  I'm glad you all are here even though it's through unfortunate circumstances.

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