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just confirmed my cancer is back

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I didnt get a chance to come back in after my last post. I have been feeling really bad weak and sleepy. I lost a great lady my cousins daughter , Her mother was like my sister and her daughter like one of my own. She was killed in a car wreck night before last. Her last message to me was don't give up fight the cancer and let no one say they can;t fund it, because I worked hard until I became sick. She worked in a hospital and said she would check on a pet scan and other things for me. That was the night before she had the accident, she never had a chance to message me back. So today the hospital called and said my cancer was definatly back. The last thre days have been awful.  I guess the next thing is a pet scan and talk to a plastic surgeon. I have been fighting this cancer from August 2012 to  now and not sure how much longer.  The first cancer was six years ago, this cancer is from the radiatipn six years ago. This time I hurt a lot and fighting a rash that hangs on, feel weak and sleepy all the time. So sorry for a long post. muffungranma. need your prayers

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so sorry to hear about your friend-she sounded like a great person. I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts  your way. (I'll check back to see if any updates)



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Thank you so much it means a lot for your .rayers. We all have the struggles. The weakness is terrible and falling asleep.  Thank you again for your prayers

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and secondly, that you lost someone so close to you. I hope that the pet scan will.show it is something that can be helped. I know that chemo and rads do help us, for some of us it extens our time here, but like you, I too have found that so many of our treatments, which unfortunately is all there is out there, can also cause problems and cancers as bad if not worse than our initial cancers. Yet when faced with the alternative, we do not always have any other options.
I wish you the best and will certainly continue to keep you in my prayers.
Higs and prayers,

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Sorry for your loss of your best beloved friend and also return of CA.

My heart and prayers are with you and your friends family.


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I am so sorry for your loss and that your cancer has returned. You are in my prayers.


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I hope the pet scan finds any other places. I hope I get some strenth back, and stop being so sleepy,I thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I pray for all of our cancer and none cancer people who are sick. Thank you so much.

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First of all, my sincere condolences for the lost of your cousin's daughter.  

My sincere sympathy learning that you have to deal with the cancer again.  I do know the feeling of learning that it has returned.  It happened to me 3 times, '99, '00 and '08.  

Dear muffingranma, you will be in my prayers.  Time only can heal your broken heart with your lost from the horrid accident.  Hoping that your oncologist will have the right drugs for you.



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at the time of your loss.  I'm so sorry everything is happening at once.  My prayers are for you.  Hugs, Linda

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Thank you Linda      for your prayers. I really need them. It seems this time the cancer has taken the sap out of me. I hope you are doing ok. I pray  all of our cancer and none cancer friends get well fast It would be nice if that could happen. Thank you again

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I am sorry to hear that yu have so much happening at once.My sympathies on the loss of your friend. And just know that you beat the beast once and you can do it again!



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Double Whammy
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I'm sending my very best wishes  and prayers for you during this difficult time.


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Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. It means a lot for some one feeling bad and not sure of the next steps coming up. Thank you again. I hope all goes well for you.

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Thank you for your words of encouragement. I pray I can beat it again this being my sixth time having it. Maybe the pet scan will find any hidind out. Thank you so much.

Lynn Smith
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Very sorry for the loss of the young lady who was a family member and like your daugther.What a terrble thing to happen.Prayers to you and her family and friends.

I pray you will beat this cancer.You did it before and you can do it again. Soon they will have all the tests and start treament. I believe you said this cancer was caused by all the radiation years ago.I haven't had a recurrence but I've had more X rays than I anticipated since my dx in 2009.I am worried but the doctor says you get more radiation from the sun.THAT is IF you are a sun worshipper but I'm not.  I need a tan and might lay out  someday but will use sun screen. 

I didn't need chemo or radiation with my dx so no exposure but have had enough radiation with the ordered X rays.Believe me the X ray techs don't always use protection.As I laid to get a X ray she came toward me.I said I hate X rays I had bc.So then she asid OH here is something to shield you.She had no intentions of using it until I took the action.I think that's bad. How many more get exposed.   

For the tragic wrreck I totally understand.In the town we live just a few days ago a woman went across the train tracks.2 trains going through.Her driveway was right next to the tracks.One son was with her.He made it but the mother was killed. The husband,her aunt and 2 other children witnessed the accident. Devastating.From what I hear the conducter didn't sound his horn as he was getting into the intersection.So one train was leaving on one track and another was coming on another track.Could be she couldn't see it and no horn blowing.Very Very sad to lose loved ones in any accident.Always sudden and unexpected.  I didn't know this family but it's still upsetting. I understand your sorrow for your family member. Things are very hard for you now.

Lynn Smith     

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousins daughter I know she was very close to you, and it breaks my heart. I know how it feels to hear your cancer is back, mine returned Aug 2012. I almost died and am now in remission. So never lose hope. We all love you know that you are not alone. You're in my prayers darlin.

My heart is breaking for you.

Please take care


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I am so sorry to hear that you are going through some rough times right now.  Prayers are being sent your way...

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