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Pet scan results

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Got the results from my follow up pet scan after chemo and 35 radiation treatments and they said I was in complete remission. The Doctor still wants me to go back to the ENT and have check my throat. Also I have started to eat and drink by mouth fish,mac &chesse, water,tea and such.So I just have to start eating regular so I can have the feeding tube removed and get back to work I have everybody telling not to rush since I do a lot of physical labor and I lost a ton of muscle mass about 80pounds all together. This board really helped with questions I had and how to cope with things. Funny thing is when he gave me the good news I really didn't feel anything just kind of numb still.

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Congrats!  Sounds like you are well on your way to being in great health

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Glad to see you back!

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Great check-up and check-in.

You will need to push yourself, but not too hard.  The taste thing seems to be on a different timeline then the fatigue.  Most everything will slowly get better.  Heck, I even stray away from my water bottle sometimes.

Keep improving,


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congrats!  we love to hear of people meeting MR. NED!!!


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jim and i
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love to hear these results. continued health.


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about NED's on here.....I hope you'll get out of your numb mode, get your dancing shoes on, and do a jig around the kitchen table!!  Laughing  Going back to work is as rewarding as it is hard....if you can start out slow and work back into full time.

Congratulations on your good news!!


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I knew you had it in you...., now you don't.


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