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This is MY story and I am stickin' to it

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Well I thought my husband and I were going to start a new career as flippers. You know those people who buy forclosuers and renovate them and then sell them for lots of money. Well I found a house that was going to be auctioned off. Someone had gone in after the owners had moved out and pulled all of the copper out. I mean there was no electric or plumbing left and there were really big holes in the walls. I thought wow that would really give my bored husband something to do. So I bid $4000. I thought in the condition that it was in, it could not be worth more than that. Wrong That sucker auctioned off for $240,100.00 dollars. Well I guess my flippen days are over.



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Is it sitting on a gold mine or something? .....lol



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That's flippen crazy.


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Someone had some $$$$$$.$$ to burn.  Who would have guess a run down house would sell for that amount of money.


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Seems a lot of corporations are buying up ANY property for sale.  It was very difficult for my stepson to buy a house due to competing bids from hidden buyers in several houses.  The people selling the house he did get were also veterans and had a soft spot for a newly married returning vet so picked him to sell their house to even though they did have some higher offers.

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Oh my gosh!  I hope they enjoy that thing! YIKES! 


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We have though of doing that also.  A real eye opener, never know which way these things will go.  My daughter moved into a flipped house.  They started out well, then the market plummeted in Phoenix, as you will know.  The end finishes were not good at all but we did get a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a fantastic pool and back yard being the best feature.  I would love to try flipping.

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Great idea, and adventure - for you, and hubby.  Amazing how investors are sup destressed properties and flippin them.  My hubby has me hooked a HGTV show that chronciles this process -- the only thing we say over and over,  gotta have contacts, workers and resources ..  otherwise, it would take years to completely refurnish.


Vicki Sam

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I saw one on TV this past week (in Cali) that went for close to that...and it wasn't even in good shape.


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