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No biopsy needed !

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Crazy quick trip through the Masonic today.  Kinda felt as if I was on a assembly belt.  ENT... lump in neck is my cartiod artery enlarged.  This usually is very deep under a fairly good sized muscle.  Went through a CT and labs.  CT was clear of any new disease. (head area)  Hurray.  Lungs still very shakey.  I asked about trial....but the medical onc. said no matches for my alterations.  Kinda knew this going in, but had to ask anyway.  So now knowing this lump isn't cancer I'm estatic....but why is that artery so huge ?  Going to check with my primary.....it does bother me, and is very tender.  It is the size of a small egg.

Won't be doing anymore PET scans ever.  With adenoid cystic carcinoma, it will show with a CT with contrast better than the PET.  So now for anymore tracking, and scans I'm going back to Coborns Cancer Center in St. Cloud.  So much closer.  And if there isn't much to do with the lungs as far as trials.....just makes sense.   So a very good outcome, if I can figure out that artery and get it to shrink a bit.  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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Go girl...


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katie, very happy for you!  keeping u n my prayers.


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Show a cancer patient a lump and there's only one direction thinking can go.....I am SO happy to hear that it's not Jack!  Also glad to hear you can stay closer to home for follow-ups.

They didn't say anything about why that artery is so big?


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I asked first the ENT....he was only looking for Jack of coarse, and I didn't get an answer other than are you seeing your medical onc. today ?  Then I was waiting to get my follow up appointment at the desk, and the nurse comes out and says the dr. wants a quick CT of your sinus area.  What ?  I did ask the medical onc.....and he said No it wasn't normal, actually unusual for it to be popped out so much.  The CT is clear.....got that on my answering machine before I made it home.  I'm assumming I'll check with my primary, and if it's a concern....probably need to see someone who deals in arteries ?  For the weekend.....I'm gonna slide through with ease....and enjoy !  Katie

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Glad to hear such a great update!  ((HUGS)) keep coming your way! 

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Delightful report, I am a  little over easy on the egg thing, but let me sit on it for a while and I’ll let you know what hatches.

Better times ahead,


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Encouraging report and good to know your doctors are on top of things and keeping their eyes out for you.


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I am very happy for your good news.  Hopefully you will be able to get some answers as to why that artery is so big.  A prayer of thanksgiving for you tonight!



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Great News Katie, big congratulations on the NED!  I'm hoping for a simple solution for the lumpy artery.  Hugs back to ya!


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Lumps, bumps...poooooh !  It's a weird world of what if's we live in.  But not so much.....we get it checked out, and kick it out of our minds !  I will figure that artery thingy out, maybe simple.  No stressing today though !  Have a great, safe wk. end everyone !  Katie

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Ingrid K
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Happy to hear some good news from you !  We'll take any victory we can, right ?

Maybe ask the primary to recommend a cardiologist re the artery issue ?

But take a deep breathe and try and relax a bit first.


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jim and i
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great news about no additional beast. praying the artery thing is nothing, if something it can be taken care of.


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Sounds like great news, all things considered. Glad you can get treatment closer to home too. Take care of yourself and keep us updated! don

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As you know my problem with the carotid artery is hi / low BP, it is too high or too low making me fall to the ground sometimes. I hope and pray that it will go down and give you some relief from the tenderness. I woke up the other day and while laying there in bed all I could think was wow I made another day. One day at a time sweet Lord one day at a time.

Keeping you always in my prayers


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Very Happy For You

Sometimes when doing my job and I am around certain individuals, I have a tendency to say things and I can see an artery or two buldging in there necks.

Glad your mind is at ease. Now its time to for the weekend..................enjoy.


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Glad to hear the good news!  My best to you!!


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