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From Tara Whitehill's Family

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To: Tara’s Friends


This is Tara’s sister, Julie. I am so sorry to tell you that Tara died yesterday, August 29.  As many of you know, she walked her journey with strength, grace and humor.  She spent her last days as she had hoped – peacefully and surrounded by loved ones. She asked that I let you all know and that I express to you what an incredible gift this group was during her 11 years dealing with colorectal cancer.  Thank you all so much.  And take care.  Julie

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for letting us know.i remember her as she was a great fighter and was on this board alot when i first joined.now she is out of pain and is in a glourious place...Godbless...johnnybegood

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I am so very sorry for your loss.  Tara would let the board know what was going on with her and we know what a tough battle she had these last several months.   She will be missed by so very many on this board.

Love and Hugs to you and the entire family -


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So sorry for your loss.  She was a brave soul who showed how determined she was to battle this disease.  I'm glad she was surrounded by her family and went peacefully.  She was an asset to this board.


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I have tears in my eyes as I type.  She was a dear Lady to those of us on this board.  It is such an insidious disease taking so many wonderful people before their time.

I wish your family peace and comfort in the coming time, I'm glad she was surrounded by her loved ones, and that all had a chance to be by her side as she left this earthly realm going on to other adventures.  I give my utmost condolences and thank your family for sharing her with us.  And a special thank you for taking the time and letting us know. She was so special to so many of us.

Winter Marie

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Tara was on board when I joined over two years ago.  I appreciated all her online support. Prayers for healing. NB

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Thank you so much for letting us know about Tara.  In her last post here she had started a thread about mini goals and had listed some of her own.  The bottom line was that goals are worthwhile even if you have to modify them a bit.

She had also mentioned that her sons would be with her this summer.  That was so very special for her to have them close.

My sincere condolances to all her family and those who loved her. 

Marie who loves kitties

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I am so for sorry for your loss.  She fought a valiant fight.  Your family must be so proud of her.  She brought such hope to so many of us here at CSN.  May she rest in peace.



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I'm so sorry to hear about Tara. My condolences to you all.

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Julie, your sister was on this board when I first came.  She was one of the 'old guard', helping us 'newbies' understand what the heck had happened to us......


Please know that I have placed her in my heart, next to Mark and Jana and all of the rest...


Hugs to all of you that she went on before.


Hugs, Kathi

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So sorry for your loss

Cathleen Mary
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Dear Julie and Tara's family,

I am so sorry.  Thank you for letting us know. Tara was a remarkable woman and she will be missed. Her last post was so like her ....mini goals and adjust when necessary. Prayers and strength for the days ahead.

Cathleen Mary

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She was such a remarkable special Lady and I will miss her!!!

A silent hug from Germany


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as others have said, tara was here when i was a newbie and she helped me so much thru the years.

rip tara

very worried husband
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For your Loss. Sincere condolences to you and her kids. She had a long and hard fight… 

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Tara was among those who came to my aid when i first found this place and needed help learning to live with a bag. She will not beforgotten......steve

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My condolences...

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I'm always very sorry when I hear of the passing of one of our friends. I know that the pain of the cancer is finally gone which is such a blessing. I pray for everyone in the family and wish you the best. Jeff

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I am sorry to hear that Tara has passed and want you and the family to know how much she was cared about here on the forum. 

I too remember her post about goals, and was much inspired by it. I am also happy that her boys were able to be with her. As a mother of two boys myself, I can imagine how much comfort having them near must have been.


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I can only imagine how she she must have brightened the lives of her family and friends.

My heart hurts for all of you, and I hope that the passage of time brings with it a little peace.

Ann Alexandria

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I am so sorry for your loss ... please accept my condolences to your family. 

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I do not post often, but I do read everyone's post daily! Tara was such a fighter, and I was so amazed by her strength. May she rest in peace. 

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Was an honour to be his colleague during the last 3 years.
Praying for her and family.
Pepe. Barcelona.

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Julie I am so so very sorry....Tara was there right from the beginning for so many of us.....

this is sad news indeed

very best love, maggie

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Nana b
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My condolences.  She will be missed here. Big hug!  

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My condolences to the family!

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to hear this. prayers for your family



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My condolences to the family. For always in my heart, she will be missed by all of us.

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Thank you so much for letting us know.  Tara and I go way back,  She was one of the first people that I met on this board.  She was diagnosed a few months before me.  She helped me so over the years, especially during those first few months.  She often spoke so highly about her family --esp her sons.  They have gone from children to young men during her illness. She had such a rocky road--yet she never complained.  I will miss her so much.  I am sending my deepest sympathy to you, her husband, sons and family.  This board will not be the same without her. 

In sympathy,  Maureen 

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Thank you for posting this very sad news while grieving for your sister.  Tara was an inspiration to many of us.  May she rest in peace.

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I didn't have the pleasure of knowing your sister but it sounds like she was an amazing person.  I'm so sorry for your loss.

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So so so sorry for your loss. 

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I am so sorry...everyone here will miss Tara.  She was a beautiful person.  I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.


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My deepest sympathy. I was one of the few remaining who were here when Tarah joined . It saddens me to lose another old friend. Ron.

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Thank you for letting us know, Tara was such a wonderful woman, a fighter, and a friend, she will be so very much missed, my prayers go out to you and her family..


so sad :(


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I am very sorry about her passing. Prayers and love to all her family.




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