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Cyber radiation to spine?

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Has anyone here experience with cyber radiation to one met on the spine?


Thanks, Sarah

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I had external beam (10 fractions) and steriotactic (2 fractions) radiation to a L1 spine met in April, which I am told was fairly intensive treatment. Not sure whether this is the same as cyber. I did not experience any side effects apart from a little fatigue. Seems to have been  successful in reducing the size of the lesion.



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It is the same, just a different name; my husband has had 4/5 cyber and 10 regular radiation to the spot where he had surgery.

the radiation oncologist had initially recommended 3 but since he was hospitalized for the obstruction, the team thought that 5 treatments were better.

so far, he has had no effects although we are told they may hit at the end but so far, no problems and today he decided to drive himself in.

good to hear that you are good since April; we are told that the cancer will define itself so on 9/20, he will have the nephrectomy. The oncologist tells us that there are some studies showing the reduction of cancer may slow down its spread

we do have some faith in the team at UCSF


thanks for your response, Sarah


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My husband had cyberknife radiation to a vertebra approximately a year and a half ago.  No side effects.  No growth at that site.  However a new spot showed and he had cyberknife again to a different vertebrae.  This time he felt very tired for a week.  No other side effects.  He just had his scans of his back and all is well.

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Thank you so much for responding; my husband experienced fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss.

side effects not withstanding, no recurrence to the sites is encouraging. Aware that other mets could (and probably will) but knowing that at least two patients had the treatment with recurance to the sites is very encouraging.

thanks for responding 

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